The full text of article intended for publication has to be followed by representation of establishment in which work is made, and is signed by authors. The file has to contain the expert resolution on publication possibility. One file consists of one paper which has the following:

– UDC index;

– the title, the abstract and keywords in Russian and English;

– the list of references in Russian and English;

– information about the authors in Russian and English (a surname, a name, a middle name, a work place, a position, an academic degree, a rank, postal address, and E-mail address, contact phone; specify who to be corresponded with;

A file with information about place of employment in Russian and English, including the postal address and index (if there are several authors, specify the place of employment of each author);

–ORCID и Researher index of each author ( и

An article should be processed in the Microsoft Office 97-2003 Word 7.0 format, 12 point font Times New Roman; print - 1 interval. Page parameters: all sides are 2,5 cm. Please do not use signs of forced transfer and additional gaps. The volume of article has to be no more than 15 pages of the typewritten text, including tables, drawings (no more than 10) and the list of references (10-15 sources). If the text of the article is less than 2500 type characters, it may not be considered. It is necessary to check the articles through the program Antiplagiat (, allowable borrowing and self-citation - no more than 20%.

The article should contain only the most necessary formulas, it is desirable to abandon the intermediate calculations. The equation editor of Equation 3.0 is recommended to record the formulas.  All formulas are aligned to the center of the page, numbered in parentheses on the right and referred to in the text of the article. Inclusion of tables in the article should be appropriate. Tables should be numbered and headings in Russian and English (10 pf). It is desirable that the tables do not exceed one page of text. Figures should be black and white, numbered, figure captions in Russian and English (10 pf), have links in the text and be accompanied by justifications and conclusions. The units of measurement should be given in accordance with the International System (SI).

References are given at the end of article in order they mention. References are highlighted with square brackets. References to foreign sources are given in the original language and are accompanied, in case of translation into Russian, with indication of the translation. The bibliography has to be issued according to state standard specification 7.1-2003 "Bibliographic record and the bibliographic description. General requirements and rules of drawing up". Textbooks, reference books, guidelines and recommendations are not included in the list of references. References are provided separately (see the guidelines in “The list of references standard in English”).

To accept an article in the journal you should provide the following materials: an article file in Word format, the same file in pdf format, separate files of all pictures  in the bmp, jpeg or gif formats.


The bibliography has to be issued according to Scopus standard specification.



For journals:

[1]        Berela A.I., Bylkin B.K., Tomilin S.A., Fedotov A.G. Analiz i predstavlenie sredy deystviya v sisteme proektirovaniya tehnologii demontazha oborudovaniya pri vyvode iz ekspluatacii bloka AES [The analysis and representation of the action environment in system of technology design of equipment dismantle during NPP unit taking out of operation] [Global nuclear safety]. 2014. № 1(10). Р. 25-31 (in Russian).

[2]        Lobkovskaya N.I., Evdoshkina Yu.A. Professional`noe celepolaganie kak sostavlyayushhaya kul`tury` bezopasnosti budushhego specialista-atomshhika [Professional Goal-Setting as a Component of the Safety Culture of a Future Nuclear Specialist]. Sovremennoe obrazovanie [Modern Education]. 2017. № 1. P. 32-38. Available at: (in Russian).

Indicate article DOI if it in the presence.

For books:

[3]        Mogilev V.A., Novikov S.A. Faykov Yu.I. Tekhnika vzryvnogo eksperimenta dlya issledovaniya mekhanicheskoy stoykosti konstruktsy. [Explosive experiment techniques for research of mechanical firmness of designs]. Sarov. FGUP "RFYaTs-VNIIEF" [Russian Federal Nuclear Center – The All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics]. 2007. 215 p. (in Russian).

For web-resources:

[4]        Strategia razvitia transportnogo kompleksa Rostovskoj oblasti do 2030 goda [Development strategy of a transport complex of the Rostov region till 2030]. Officialnij sait Ministerstva transporta Rostovskoj oblasti [Official site of the Transport Ministry of Rostov region]. 2015. Available at: (in Russian).

For foreign references:

[5]        Gulyaev M., Bogorovskaia S., Shapkina T. The Atmospheric air condition in Rostov Oblast and its effect on the population health // Scientific enquiry in the contemporary world: theoretical basiсs and innovative approach. CA. USA. B&M Publishing. 2014. Р. 56-60.

For materials of conferences:

[6]        Gerasimov S.I., Kuzmin V.A. Issledovaniye osobennostey initsiirovaniya svetochuvstvitelny vzryvchatykh sostavov nekogerentnym izlucheniyem [Research of features of initiation are photosensitive explosive structures incoherent radiation] [Works of the International conference "16 Haritonov’s scientific readings"]. Sarov. FGUP "RFYaTs-VNIIEF" [Russian Federal Nuclear Center – The All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics]. 2014. Р. 90-93 (in Russian).

For materials of conferences (foreign references):

[7]        Ishikawa M. et al. Reactor decommissioning in Japan: Philosophy and first programme. «N power performance and safety. Conference proceedings. Vienna, 28 September – 2 october 1987. V. 5. Nuclear Fuel Cycle». IAEA. Vienna. 1988. P. 121-124.


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