Nuclear, radiation and environmental safety

Article NameMain Characteristics Analysis of the NPP Placement Area Designed in Jordan
AuthorsA.P. Elokhin (*1), A.I. Ksenofontov (*2), E.A. Alalem** , (*3), P.I. Fedorov (***4)

* National Research Nuclear University «MEPhI»,

Kashirskoye Shosse, 31, Moscow, Russia 115409

**Jordan Atomic Energy Commission

Amman 70, Jordan 11934

e-mail: contact@jaec.gov.jo 

Web-form e-mail: http://www.jaec.gov.jo/JAEC/TheCommission.aspx

*** Federal environmental, industrial and nuclear supervision service

«Scientific and Engineering Centre for Nuclear and Radiation Safety»

bld. 5, Malaya Krasnoselskaya st. 2/8, Moscow, Russia, 107140

1 e-mail: elokhin@yandex.ru ;2 e-mail: AIKsenofontov@mephi.ru

3 e-mail: issaalem2@yahoo.com ; 4 e-mail: fedorov@secnrs.ru

AbstractBACKGROUND This work identifies the characteristics of the site area for the development of a Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) to the south east of the city of Zarqa in Jordan. These characteristics include site geography, meteorology, hydrology of the region, its biological and seismological effects, demographic and nearby industrial regions. A robust approach was deployed, that combined a field reconnaissance, desktop study of the available data, the application of agreed criteria, coupled with engineering judgment and logical arguments. METHODS During the process of site selection a set of screening criteria were applied that were agreed with the following committees: Jordan atomic energy commission (JAEC), the Technical Committee and Jordan nuclear regulatory commission (JNRC). RESULTS The established region of interest (Region 1) was emerged from previously completed Countrywide Survey (CWS). The screening criteria included both exclusionary and discretionary criteria that are in line with IAEA safety guides, JNRC instructions and others safety guides. The screening criteria also took into account the Nuclear Safety Cell (NSC) of the Jordanian armed forces.
KeywordsNPP, Jordan, Kasr Amra, meteorological, geological characteristics of the region, hydrological characteristics of the region, seismological characteristics of the region, demographic characteristics of the region, sanitary protection zone, the NPP industrial platform

[1]   Normy MAGATE po bezopasnosti. Bezopasnost atomnykh elektrostantsiy: proektirovanie dlya zashchity lyudey i okhrany okruzhayushchey sredy. Bezopasnost atomnykh elektrostantsiy: proektirovanie. Seriya norm MAGATE po bezopasnosti, № SSR-2/1 [IAEA norms of safety. Safety of nuclear power plants: design for protection of people and environmental protection. Safety of nuclear power plants: design. Series of IAEA norms on safety, No. SSR-2/1]. Vienna. Pub. Mezhdunarodnoe agentstvo po atomnoy energii [International Atomic Energy Agency], 2012. Available at: http://www-pub.iaea.org/MTCD/publications/PDF/Pub1534r_web.pdf (in Russian)

[2]   Osnovnye trebovaniya k razrabotke tekhniko-ekonomicheskogo obosnovaniya stroitelstva atomnoy stantsii. Polozhenie o poryadke vybora ploshchadki stroitelstva. ND p. 4.2 SPPNAE-93 [Main requirements to development of the feasibility study on construction of nuclear power plant. Provision on an order of the choice of the construction platform. ND of the item 4.2 SPPNAE-93]. M., 2000. Available at: http://ohranatruda.ru/ot_biblio/normativ/data_normativ/7/7920/ (in Russian)

[3]   Jordan Atomic Energy Commission – Countrywide Survey of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan – Report Framework 17 May 2012. Available at: http://www.medreg-regulators.org/Portals/45/membersannualreport/EMRC_Jordan_Annual%20Report_2013_English.pdf (in English)

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[8]   Угроза на ДнепроГЭС была реальна, исполнители и заказчики акции устанавливаются [Threat on Dneproges was real, performers and customers of an action are established]. 27.01.2014.  Available at:  URL: http://inpress.ua/ru/politics/24149-ugroza-na-dneproges-byla-realna-ispolniteli-i-zakazchiki-aktsii-ustanavlivayutsya-stavitskiy (in Russian)

[9]   IAEA Nuclear Energy Series No. NP-T-2.6. Efficient Water Management in Water Cooled Reactors. p. 44, ISSN 1995–7807. Available at: http://www-pub.iaea.org/MTCD/Publications/PDF/P1569_web.pdf (in English)

[10]     Jordan Atomic Energy Commission. Identification Of Site Area In Cws Region #1 & PPSHA. Draft Study Report. Vienna, Austria, February 2-5, 2016. Available at: https://www.iaea.org/NuclearPower/Downloadable/Meetings/2016/2016-02-02-02-05-NIDS/S5_2_Ayoub_Jordan.pdf (in English)

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Article NameProviding Environmentally Acceptable State of Nuclear Power Plant Water Recycling System at the Water Blowdown Technology Application of the Rostov NPP Cooling Pond
AuthorsO.I. Gorskaya

«Rostov Nuclear Power Plant» the Branch of OJSC «Concern Rosenergoatom»,
Volgodonsk-28, Rostov region, Russia 347388
e-mail: gorskayavdonsk@rambler.ru

AbstractOBJECTIVES The article is devoted to the analysis of the results of the water blowdown from the Rostov nuclear power plant cooling pond to the Tsimlyansk reservoir during six years. METHODS Characteristics of the Tsimlyansk reservoir and the cooling pond by chemical composition, thermal regime and species diversity are analyzed. RESULTS On the basis of the conducted research the author identified and clearly proved the absence of negative impact the cooling pond water on the chemical composition, thermal regime and the structural and functional characteristics of aquatic communities of the Tsimlyansk reservoir during six stages of the water blowdown.
KeywordsRostov nuclear power plant, water blowdown, siphon spillway, Tsimlyansk reservoir, cooling pond

[1]    Analiticheskiy otchet «Provedenie biologicheskogo monitoring Tsimljanskogo vodohraninlisha i otsenka effectivnosti RZY pri provedenii  produvki vodoema - ochladitelya». 2010–2012. [Analytical report "Carrying out biological monitoring in the Tsimlyansk Reservoir around cooling pond water blowdown and an assessment of effectiveness of fish-protecting devices when carrying out cooling pond water blowdown " 2010-1012]. Volgogradskoe otdelenie FGNY GosNIORCH [Volgograd branch of State Research Institute Of Lake And River Fishery].

[2]    Analiticheskiy otchet «Provedenie biologicheskogo monitoring Tsimljanskogo vodohraninlisha i otsenka effectivnosti RZY pri provedenii  produvki vodoema - ochladitelya». 2013. [Analytical report Carrying out biological monitoring in the Tsimlyansk Reservoir around cooling pond water blowdown and an assessment of effectiveness of fish-protecting devices when carrying out cooling pond water blowdown " 2013]. ZAO SPEK [Closed Joint Stock Company St. Petersburg Ecological Company].

[3]    Analiticheskiy otchet «Provedenie biologicheskogo monitoring Tsimljanskogo vodohraninlisha i otsenka effectivnosti RZY pri provedenii  produvki vodoema - ochladitelya». 2014. [Analytical report Carrying out biological monitoring in the Tsimlyansk Reservoir around cooling pond water blowdown and an assessment of effectiveness of fish-protecting devices when carrying out cooling pond water blowdown " 2014]. OOO NPO «Gidrotexproekt» [LLC NPO Gidrotechproject].

[4]    Analiticheskiy otchet «Provedenie biologicheskogo monitoring Tsimljanskogo vodohraninlisha i otsenka effectivnosti RZY pri provedenii  produvki vodoema - ochladitelya». 2015. [Analytical report Carrying out biological monitoring in the Tsimlyansk Reservoir around cooling pond water blowdown and an assessment of effectiveness of fish-protecting devices when carrying out cooling pond water blowdown " 2015]. AO «VNIIAES» [ОJSC “All-Russian Research Institute for Nuclear Power Plants Operation”].

[5]    Proekt normativov dopustimuch sbrosov vechestv i microorganismov (NDS), postupayushich v poverchnostnui vodnii obiect. 2012. [Project of standards of admissible dumpings of substances and microorganisms (SAD) coming to the surface water object. 2012.]. OOO NPO «Gidrotexproekt» [LLC NPO Gidrotechproject].

[6]    Dalu T.,  Richoux N.B., Froneman P.W. Distribution of benthic diatom communities in a permanently open temperate estuary in relation to physico-chemical variables. South African Journal of Botany. 2015, ISSN 02546299, DOI: 10.1016/j.sajb.2015.06.004 (in English)

[7]    Stuken A.Ab.,  Campbell R.J.Cd.,  Quesada A.E.,  Sukenik A.F.,  Dadheech P.K.G,  Wiedner C.A. Genetic and morphologic characterization of four putative cylindrospermopsin producing species of the cyanobacterial genera Anabaena and Aphanizomenon. Journal of Plankton Research. 2009, Volume 31, Issue 5, May 2009, ISSN 01427873, DOI: 10.1093/plankt/fbp01, pp. 465-480. (in English)

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Design, manufacturing and commissioning of nuclear industry equipment

Article NameInverter Power Supply Characteristics Registration
AuthorsA.V. Sas*, M.A. Ostrovsky**

*  Gubkin  Russian State University (NIU) of Oil and Gas,
Leninsky avenue, 65/1, Moscow, Russia 119991

** PC  Institute of Electronic Control Machines the name I.S. Bruk,
Vavilova St., 24, Moscow, Russia 119334

AbstractBACKGROUND The speed of modern inverter power supply made it possible to expand the composition of their functional characteristics and to implement any law instant change mode settings. RESULTS Measurement and registration of source parameter functional characteristics ensures verification of their compliance with the required ones and provides a high quality of manual arc welding processes as a consumable electrode and shielding gas.
KeywordsInverters sources, check functions and parameters, hot start, fast and furious arc, antistiking electrode selection

[1]    Lebedev V.A., Sorokin M.S., Belov A.A. Algoritm upravleniya invertornymi istochnikami svarochnogo toka dlya optimizacii parametrov perenosa elektrodnogo metalla [Control inverter welding power sources for electrode metal transfer parameters optimization] // Welding International, 2013, №12, ISSN 0491-6441, pp. 3-8. (in Russian)

[2]    Sas A.V., Gruzincev B.P. Osnovy sozdaniya sistemy effektivnoj podgotovki vysokokvalificirovannyh operatorov ruchnoj dugovoj svarki [Bases of creation of effective training of highly qualified operators manual arc welding] // Welding International, 2013,  №12,  ISSN 0491-6441, pp. 47–49. (in Russian)

[3]    Gruzincev B.P., Sas A.V. Aktualnye voprosy sozdaniya effektivnoy sistemy podgotovki operatorov ruchnoy dugovoy svarki [Topical issues of the creation of an effective system of training manual arc welding operators] // Globalnaya yadernaya bezopasnost [Global nuclear safety], 2013, №1(6), ISSN 2305-414X, eISSN 2499-9733, pp. 96–99. (in Russian)

[4]    Sas A.V., Ostrovskii M.F., Kapustin O.E. Kontrol i upravlenie parametrami rezhima ruchnoy dugovoy svarki [Registration inverter power supply characteristics] // Territori oilgas, 2014, №8, ISSN 2072-2745, pp. 72–79. (in Russian)

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Article NameInfluence of Circular Action Crane on Technical Condition of the NPP Constructing Protective Tight Cover
AuthorsYu.I. Pimshin*1, E.B. Klyushin**2, O.A. Gubeladze***3, V.N. Medvedev****4, S.M. Burdakov*5, Yu.V. Zayarov*6

* Volgodonsk Engineering Technical Institute the branch of National Research Nuclear University «MEPhI»,
Lenin St., 73/94,  Volgodonsk, Rostov region, Russia 347360

** Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography
MIIGAiK №4 , Gorokhovsky pereulok, Moscow, Russia 105064
*** Don State Technical University
Gagarin square 1, Rostov-on-Don, Russia, 344000
**** Nuclear Safety Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Bolshaya Tulskaya, 52, Moskow, Russia 113191

1 e-mail: yipimshin@mephi.ru2 e-mail: eklyushin 37@mail.ru ; 3 e-mail: buba26021966@yandex.ru ;
4 e-mail: cont@ibrae.ac.ru ; ; 5 e-mail: SMBurdakov@mephi.ru ; 6 e-mail: yvzayarov@mephi.ru

AbstractOBJECTIVES We researched technical condition of a protective tight cover of the polar crane. In article questions of stage-by-stage installation and adjustment of the circular action crane established in NPP reactor buildings and its impact on protective cover wall are considered. A stage of installation of the crane for a rail, a stage of trial and static tests are allocated. Results of the natural measurements characterizing deformation of a protective tight cover (PTC) are presented. CONCLUSIONS The presented material describes NP-1000 situation covers, that is the project, realization of which at the constructing NPPs, comes to the end. However there are the same researches in the NPP-2006 project and their results are fair and require the solution.
Keywordsprotective tight cover, deformations, movements, circular action crane, polar crane consoles, crack, construction part

[1]    Pimshin Yu.I., Zabaznov Yu.S., Kirilchik L.F. Analiz raboty stroitelnykh elementov germetichnoy obolochki AES pri ee prednapryazhenii i ispytanii [The analysis of work of construction elements of a tight cover of the NPP at its pretension and test] . Engineering journal of Don, 2014, №1. – Available at: http://ivdon.ru/ru/magazine/archive/n1y2014/2263  ISSN 2073-8633 (in Russian)

[2]    Pimshin Yu.I., Zabaznov Yu.S., Klyushin E.B.  Geodezicheskoe obespechenie monitoringa tekhnicheskogo sostoyaniya zashchitnykh germetichnykh obolochek atomnykh elektricheskikh stantsiy (AES) v period ikh stroitel'stva, prednapryazheniya i ispytaniya [Geodetic support of monitoring of technical condition of protective tight covers of the nuclear power plants (NPP) during their construction, pretension and test]. The collection of articles following the results of scientific and technical conferences. Release 7 (in two parts). – Part 1. – M.: MIIGAiK / annex to the "Geodesy and Aero Photofilming" magazine №6, 2014. pp. 19–23. (in Russian)

[3]    Gayrabekov I.G., Pimshin Yu.I.,  Gubeladze O.A., Medvedev V.N.  Rezultaty vypolnennykh rabot v ramkakh monitoringa zashchitnykh germetichnykh obolochek stroyashchikhsya blokov Rostovskoy AES [Results of the performed works within monitoring of protective tight covers of blocks under construction of the Rostov NPP]. The collection of articles following the results of scientific and technical conferences. Release 7 (in two parts). – Part 1. – M.: MIIGAiK / annex to the "Geodesy and Aero Photofilming" magazine №6, 2014. p. 29–30. (in Russian)

[4]    Pimshin Yu.I., e.a. Sposob opredeleniya deformatsionnykh kharakteristik sooruzheniy [Way of definition of construction deformation characteristics]. Patent RF, no. 2426089, 2011. (in Russian)

[5]    Pimshin Yu.I., e.a. Sposob opredeleniya deformatsionnykh kharakteristik  zashchitnoy germetichnoy obolochki [Way of deformation  definition of protective tight cover characteristics]. Patent RF, no. 2546990, 2015. (in Russian)

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Article NamePreparation of Uranium Protoxide Oxide Press Powders and Dry Organic Softeners for Receiving Uranium Dioxide with Set-Up Stoichiometric Ratio
AuthorsR.M. Vlasevky, Yu.S. Zuev

Snezhinsk Physics and Technology Institute the Branch of National Research Nuclear University MEPhI
Komsomolsk st., 8, Snezhinsk city, Cheliabinsk reg., Russia 456776

e-mail: YSZuyev@mephi.ru

AbstractOBJECTIVES We proposed a method for the preparation of uranium oxide concentrate molding powder using dry organic plasticizers for subsequent compression and recovery in a carbon atmosphere to the uranium dioxide with set-up stoichiometric ratio. METHODS A number of dry softeners has been selected, their some physical and chemical properties are defined, their influence on physical and chemical and technological properties of uranium protoxide oxide powder is defined, the assessment of the greasing and binding abilities of softener is made. RESULTS Results of definition of the added softener necessary amount, proceeding from chemistry of restoration process of uranium protoxide oxide by decomposition products are presented.
Keywordsuranium dioxide, softener, press powder, bulk density, particle size distribution, fluidity

[1]    Kats Dzh., Rabinovich E. Khimiya urana. Uran kak element, ego binarnye soedineniya, gidraty okislov i oksigalogenidy. Kniga 1 [Uranium chemistry. Uranium as element, its binary compounds, hydrates of oxides and oxyhalogenides. Book 1]: perevod s angliyskogo [translated from English]. M. Pub. Inostrannaya literatura [Inostrannaya Literature], 1954, 490 p. (in Russian)

[2]    Novikov V.V., Kuznetsov V.I., Salatov A.V. Sovremennye podkhody k proektirovaniyu tvelov VVER [Modern approaches to design of fuel elements of PWER]. Atomnaya energiya [ Atomic Energy], 2015, Vol. 119, Vypusk. 5 [Issue 5], ISSN 0004-7163, pp. 269–275. (in Russian)

[3]    Turaev N.S., Zherini I.I. Khimiya i tekhnologiya urana: uchebnoe posobie dlya vuzov [Chemistry and technology of uranium: manual for higher education institutions]. M. Pub. TsNIIATOMINFORM [TSNIIATOMINFORM], 2005. ISBN 5–7262–0526, 407 p. (in Russian)

[4]    Patent 2182378 RF, G21C3/62. Sposob polucheniya spechennogo oksida urana [Patent 2182378 Russian Federation, G21C3/62. A way of receiving the baked uranium oxide.].

[5]    Madorskiy S.V. Termicheskoe razlozhenie organicheskikh polimerov [Thermal decomposition of organic polymers]. M. Pub. Mir [Mir], 1967, 332 p. (in Russian)

[6]           Libenson G.A. Proizvodstvo poroshkovykh izdeliy [Production of powder products]. M. Pub. Metallurgiya [Metallurgy], 1990, ISBN 5-229-00497-5, 240 p. (in Russian)

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Article NameError of Dating (Shear) Results of Measurements and its Relationship with Interface Specification
AuthorsY.P. Mukha*1, E.I. Tsvetkov**, I.Yu. Koroleva*2

* Volgograd State Technical University,
Lenin St., 28, Volgograd, Volgograd region, Russia 400005

1 e-mail: muxaup@mail.ru ; 2 e-mail: artmd64@rambler.ru

** State Electrotechnical University (LETI), Department of Information and measuring systems and technologies
Popova St., 5, St. Petersburg, Russia, 197376

AbstractBACKGROUND The problem of temporary coordination of processes of elaborate information transfer on channels of the information and information and measuring systems used in technological contours of nuclear power plants is important very much as continuous introduction of IT technologies has significant impact on process of structural development of these systems. OBJECTIVES Research purpose considered in article is the technique of dynamic coordination process analysis on the basis of the estimation by means of a dynamic error. The problems are solved for achievement of this purpose: formations of measurement results and representation taking into account time points they correspond; the analysis of measurement channel coordination process on the example of the flexible interface block which is carrying out code transformations. METHODS The main method of the analysis is the method of operational record of measurement equation and dating error equations. The technique of dynamic properties analysis of the used hardware at creation of completed information transfer networks is of innovative value. RESULTS Receiving technical evaluations of a dynamic dating error of the code converter – the flexible intelligent interface is result of researches.
Keywordsdating error, the standard procedures of measurement, digital information transmission, transmitter

[1]    Mukha Yu.P., Koroleva I.Yu., Povarov P.V. Sintez struktury razvivayushchikhsya telekommunikatsionnykh setey [Synthesis of developing telecommunication network structure]. Global nuclear safety.  2015, №4(17), ISSN 2305-414Х,  eISSN 2499-9733, pp.63–70 . (in Russian)

[2]    GOST 8009-84 GSI. Normiruemye metrologicheskie kharakteristiki sredstv izmereniy [SST of 8009-84 GSI. The normalized metrological characteristics of measuring instruments]. M. Pub. Izdatelstvo standartov [Standards Publishing House], 1984. (in Russian)

[3]    Metodicheskie ukazaniya. GSI. Rezultaty i pogreshnosti izmereniy. Formy predstavleniya. Sposoby ispolzovaniya pri ispytaniyakh obraztsov i kontrole ikh parametrov. MI 1317-86 [Study guide. GSI. Results and errors of measurements. Representation forms. Ways of use at tests of exemplars and monitoring of their parameters. MI 1317-86]. M. Pub. Izdatelstvo standartov [Standards Publishing House], 1984. (in Russian)

[4]    Tsvetkov E.I. Osnovy matematicheskoy metrologii [Fundamentals of mathematical metrology]. Sankt-Peterburg [St. Petersburg]. Pub. Politekhnika [Polytechnique], 2005, ISBN 5-7325-0793-0, 510 p. (in Russian)

[5]    Muhka Yu.P., Koroleva I.Yu., Korolev A.D. Document Interfaces for telemedicine data transmission network. Telecommunications and Radio Engineering (English translation of Elektrosvyaz and Radiotekhnika), 2013, 72(12), ISSN 0040-2508, DOI: 10.1615/TelecomRadEng.v72.i12.100, pp. 1129-1134. (in English)
[6]    Mukha Yu.P., Koroleva I.Yu., Korolev A.D. Sintez algoritma upravleniya GII dlya sistem tekhnicheskogo zreniya [Synthesis of GII control algorithm for systems of technical vision]. Telecommunications and Radio Engineering. 2016, №1, ISSN 0040-2508, pp. 7–12. (in Russian)

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Operation of nuclear industry facilities

Article NameIdentification of Acoustic Standing Waves in the First Circuit PWER-440 in Startup Mode
AuthorsK.N. Proskuryakov* A.I. Fedorov**, M.V. Zaporozhets*, G.Y. Volkov*

* National Research University «MPEI»,
Krasnokazarmennaya 14, Moscow, Russia 111250

** Novovoronezh NPP the branch of JSC Rosenergoatom Concern, Novovoronezh, Russia 396072
e-mail: ProskuriakovKN@mpei.ru

AbstractBACKGROUND An acoustic model of the coolant in primary circuit of Novovoronezh NPP PWER-440 unit №3 is worked out. The special program of measuring the pressure fluctuations at reactor start up is carried out. The methods of calculating the acoustic characteristics of the coolant in the primary circuit equipment are developed. RESULTS The results of calculation of acoustic standing waves for 18 start-up stages are presented. A comparison of calculation results of acoustic standing waves (ASW) frequencies with auto power spectrum density (APSD) signals from the pressure pulsation sensors has been done. The satisfactory agreements of results ASW calculation frequencies with measured data are obtained. Pressure compensator shows itself as Helmholtz resonator which resonance frequency depends on the level of the coolant.
Keywordsstanding waves, vibration, vibro-acoustic resonance, Helmholtz resonator

[1]    Proskuryakov K.N. Teplogidravlicheskoe vozbuzhdenie kolebaniy teplonositelya vo vnutrikorpusnykh ustroystvakh YaEU [Heathydraulic excitation of oscillations of the heat carrier in intra case devices the nuclear power station]. M. Pub. MEI [MPEI], 1984. 67 p. (in Russian)

[2]    Zhukovskiy N.E. O gidravlicheskom udare v vodoprovodnykh trubakh [Water hammer in water pipes]. M. Leningrad. Pub. Gosudarstvennoe izdatel'stvo tekhniko-teoreticheskoy literatury [State publishing house of technical and theoretical literature], 1949. 108 p. (in Russian)

[3]    Rumshiskiy L.Z. Matematicheskaya obrabotka rezultatov eksperimenta. Spravochnoe rukovodstvo [Mathematical processing of results of experiment]. M. Pub. «Nauka»  [Science], 1971. 192 p. (in Russian)

[4]    Slepov M.T. Razrabotka metodov i interpretatsiya dannykh primenitelno k sistemam shumovoy diagnostiki reaktornykh ustanovok Novovoronezhskoy AES [Development of methods and interpretation of data in relation to systems of noise diagnostics of reactor installations of the New Voronezh NPP]. Avtoreferat dissertatsii na soiskanie uchenoy stepeni kandidata tekhnicheskikh nauk [PhD thesis abstract in Engineering]. Obninsk, 1999. (in Russian)

[5]    Arkadov G.V., Pavelko V.I., Usanov A.I. Vibroshumovaya diagnostika VVER [Vibronoise diagnostics of PWER]. M.: Pub. Energoatomizdat [Energoatomizdat], 2004, ISBN 5-283-00781-1344, p. (in Russian)

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Article NameVibroacoustic Monitoring and Thermovision Control when Diagnosing Diesel 12zv40/48
AuthorsE.A. Abidova, V.I. Solovjyov, O.Yu. Pugachyova, R.I. Remizov

Volgodonsk Engineering Technical Institute the branch of National Research Nuclear University «MEPhI»,
Lenin St., 73/94, Volgodonsk, Rostov region, Russia 347360

e-mail: nii_energomash@mail.ru

AbstractBACKGROUND In 2015 measurement of vibration level and thermovision control was carried out for technical condition assessment of two diesel-generator installations of the Rostov NPP. METHODS Basic provisions of a diagnosing technique of technical condition, including use of masks of vibroacoustic signal ranges are given in work. The equipment condition is estimated as in temperature as vibration parameters. RESULTS Diagnosing has shown that installations 2RDES-2 and 2RDES-3 of the Rostov NPP can be recognized efficient and functionally suitable for further operation as a part of power unit № 2 security systems by results of acoustic signal measurement and thermovision control (5/20/2015 and 6/15/2015).
Keywordsthe reserve diesel power plant, thermovision control, vibroacoustic analysis, envelope, spectral analysis, the fuel pump of high pressure, the oil pump, the NPP

1.   Varbanets R.A., Gubin V.S., Kirnats V.I., Rossomakha O.A., Alexandrovskaya N.I. Monitoring rabochego processa i parametricheskaya diagnostika sredneoborotnogo teplovizionnogo dizelya K6S310DR [Monitoring of combustion and Parametric Diagnosis of K6S310DR Medium-Speed Locomotives diesel Engine]. Vestnik AGTU. Seriya: Morskaya tekhnika i tekhnologiya [Bulletin of Astrakhan State Technical University]. Series: Marine Engineering and Technologies, 2014, №2, ISSN 2073-1574, pp. 52–60 (in Russian)

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3.   Тikhomirov М.V., Ovchinnikov S.V., Khryaschev Yu.E.  Razrabotka diagnosticheskogo kompleksa dlya elektronnoy sistemy upravleniya otechestvennykh avtomobilnykh dizeley  [Development of Diagnostic complex for Domestic Automobile Diesel Engines Electronic Control system] Vestnik MSTU im. Bauman [Bulletin of  Bauman MSTU]. Ser. "Mechanical Engineering", 2015, №1, ISSN 0236-3941, DOI: 10.18698/0236-3941-2015-1-142-148, pp. 142–148. (in Russian)

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Article NameRosatom State Corporation Values as the Motivating Factor of Professional Self-improvement of Nuclear Branch Employees
AuthorsV.A. Rudenko*, I.S. Vasilenko**

Volgodonsk Engineering Technical Institute the branch of National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”,
Lenin St., 73/94 Volgodonsk, Rostov region, Russia 347360

* e-mail: VARudenko@mephi.ru ; ** e-mail: isv.trener@gmail.com

AbstractOBJECTIVES Values of Rosatom State Corporation as professional self-improvement motivation of nuclear branch employees are analyzed in work. CONCLUSIONS The approach to introduction of values determined by branch is a defining tendency of motivation development of employee professional self-improvement as realization of their social and cultural potential on the basis of targeted model operation of "self-improvement situations".
Keywordsnuclear branch, values, motivation, professional self-improvement

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[8] Gosudarstvennaya korporatsiya po atomnoy energii «Rosatom» [State Atomic Energy Corporation "Rosatom"]. Tsennosti Rosatoma [Values of Rosatom]. Vypusk 2 [Issue 2]. 2015. Available at:  http://www.kolaer.ru/our_values.pdf – 20.05.2016. (in Russian) 

[9]           Rabochaya kniga prakticheskogo psikhologa: Tekhnologiya effektivnoy professionalnoy deyatelnosti [Workbook of the practical psychologist: Technology of efficient professional activity]. M. 1996. (in Russian)

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Article NameFactors and Vector of Economic Development of Nuclear Mechanical Engineering Enterprises
AuthorsM.V. Golovko

  Volgodonsk Engineering Technical Institute the branch of National Research Nuclear University «MEPhI»,
Lenin St.
73/94,  Volgodonsk, Rostov region, Russia 347360
e-mail: MVGolovko@mephi.ru

AbstractBACKGROUND Article is devoted to research of economic development factors of nuclear mechanical engineering enterprises. The theoretical analysis of nuclear power development universal tendencies showed that guarantee of its competitiveness are innovative transformations of all its subjects, especially machine-building division as made equipment and the level of its technological novelty, safety and profitability for construction, operation and repair of nuclear power plants defines a vector of branch development. METHODS The analysis of various approaches and classifications, and use of economic and mathematical model operation techniques, in particular, use of the main component method allowed to prove an innovation significance in total of factors of the modern industrial enterprise development. In article the role of the institutional environment and the effects which determine the modern features of functioning of the production enterprises is noted. It is proved as a result that economic development of the Russian nuclear mechanical engineering is very peculiar defined by both features of transformational processes and corporate management miscalculations. It confirms of chreod effect action. The main obstacles in economic development of the Russian nuclear mechanical engineering are defined: high level of moral and physical wear of production capacities, higher profitability of import deliveries in comparison with foreign suppliers, internal owing to effective crediting of equipment consumers. RESULTS The main vector of economic development of the Russian nuclear mechanical engineering as need of intensive innovative development of industry by use of modern management methods for effective management of strategic resources is planned as a result (human capital development, preserving crucial knowledge and upgrade of fixed assets, the state investments within target financing program). The specified measures will allow to pass, first of all, to rational import substitution and to present competitive products of one of the most perspective industries of the world economy at the foreign market.
Keywordsnuclear mechanical engineering, industrial enterprises, economic development factors, import substitution, crucial knowledge

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[12]  Energeticheskoe mashinostroenie v gosudarstvax Edinogo ekonomicheskogo prostranstva [Power engineering in the states of the Common economic space]. Almaty, 2015. Available at: http://www.eabr.org/rus/publications/AnalyticalReports/ (in Russian)

[13]  Golovko M.V., Rudenko V.A. Corporate Values in the Industrial Enterprises Sustainable Development and Safety Economy (on the Rosatom State Corporation Example). Global Nuclear Safety, 2015, №4(17), ISSN 2305-414Х,  eISSN 2499-9733, pp. 103–114. (in Russian)

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