Nuclear, radiation and environmental safety

Article NameTechnique of Leak Detection from the Water Bearing Communications as the Component of Geotechnical Monitoring of the Bushehr-1 NPP Platform in the Islamic Republic Of Iran
AuthorsV.Yu. Ulyanov

Dnieper State Academy of Construction and Architecture,
Chernyshevsky St., 24a, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, 49600
e-mail: vuluanov@mail.ru
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-9028-3408

AbstractThe project shows the use of a fundamentally new technique for locating leaks from water-bearing communications in the ground in order to improve safety in the operation of NPP facilities and equipment at the Bushehr-1 NPP in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Regulations on this technique in the system of geotechnical monitoring at Bushehr NPP should be developed and consolidated in normative documents and job descriptions. This technique can be used in the system of geotechnical monitoring of the NPP sites located in the arid climatic zone, including increased seismicity zones
KeywordsIslamic Republic of Iran, Bushehr-1 NPP, leak detection technique, acoustic leak detector, portable conductometer, thermal imager

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[2] Polozhenie po obsledovaniiu sostoianiia oborudovaniia, zdanii i sooruzhenii elektrostantsii: RD 34.20.579 [Regulations for the survey of the condition of equipment, buildings and structures of power plants: RD 34.20.579]. М. Pub. SPО Soyuztekhenergo [перевод], 1988. (in Russian)

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[8] Ulyanov V.Yu. Organizatsiya i metodika provedeniia monitoringa radona na ploshchadkakh AES v aseismichnykh regionakh [Organization and methodology of radon monitoring at NPP sites with aseismic regions]. Problemy nedropolzovaniya [Problems of subsoil use], 2015, №1, ISSN 2313-1586, pp. 103–107. (in Russian)

[9] Ulyanov V.Yu., Elokhin А.Р. Monitoring tritiia kak vozmozhnogo indikatora utechek iz spetstruboprovodov i drugikh vodonesushchikh kommunikatsii na ploshchadke AES «BUShER-1» [Monitoring of tritium as a possible indicator of leaks from special pipelines and other water-bearing communications at the Bushehr-1 NPP]. Globalnaya yadernaya bezopasnost [Global nuclear safety], 2016, №4(21), ISSN 2305-414X, eISSN 2499-9733, pp. 7–15. (in Russian)

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Article NameSafety of Perspective Spacecrafts with the Nuclear Power Installation
AuthorsO.A. Gubeladze*1, A.R. Gubeladze**2, S.M. Burdakov*3

* Volgodonsk Engineering Technical Institute the branch of National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”,
Lenin St., 73/94, Volgodonsk, Rostov region, Russia 347360
Don State Technical University Gagarin square 1, Rostov-on-Don, Russia, 344000
 1e-mail: buba26021966@yandex.ru
WoS ResearcherID:
2e-mail: buba26021966@yandex.ru
WoS ResearcherID:
F-7215-2017 ;
3 e-mail: SMBurdakov@mephi.ru
ORCID iD: 0000-0002-8599-6008
WoS ResearcherID: F-6903-2017

AbstractWork is carried out to ensure nuclear and radiation safety in the operation of advanced spacecrafts with nuclear power installations on board. The method of estimating the thermal effects of detachable currents can be used for probabilistic analysis of the safety of such devices.
Keywordsnuclear power station, spacecraft, atmospheric dense layers, thermal protection coating, detachable currents, cavity

 [1] Andreev P.V., Vasilkovskiy V.A. Kosmicheskaya yadernaya energetika: proshloe, nastoyashchee, budushchee [Space nuclear power: past, present, future]. AtomPRESSA [Atom PRESS], 2007, №15, pp. 1–2. (in Russian)

 [2] Zheleznyakov A.B. Tayny raketnykh katastrof: plata za proryv v kosmos [Mysteries of rocket accidents: a payment for break in space]. M. Pub. "Eksmo, Yauza" [Eksmo, Yauza publishing house], 2004, 544 p. (in Russian)

[3] Gubeladze O.A., Goncharov R.A. Zashchita vozvrashchaemoy chasti kosmicheskogo apparata [Protection of the returned part of the spacecraft]. Izvestiya vuzov. Severo-Kavkazsky region. Yestestvennye nauki. Prolozhenie [Scientific-educational and applied journal. University news of North-Caucasian region. Natural sciences series. Application], 2006, №1, ISSN 0321-3005, pp. 37–40. (in Russian)

[4] Krasnov N.F., Koshevoy V.N., Kalugin V.T. Aerodinamika otryvnykh techeniy [Aerodynamics of detachable currents]. M. Pub. "Vysshaya shkola" [High School publishing house], 1988, ISBN 5-06-001196-8, 351 p. (in Russian)

[5] Gubeladze O.A., Goncharov R.A., Levchenko E.M., Sakhabudinov R.V. Vliyanie defektov poverkhnosti korpusa letatelnogo apparata na teplovoy pogranichnyy sloy [Influence of case surface defects of the aircraft on a thermal interface]. Izvestiya vuzov. Severo-Kavkazsky region. Yestestvennye nauki. [Scientific-educational and applied journal. University news of North-Caucasian region. Natural sciences series], 2008, № 1, ISSN 0321-3005, pp. 28–29. (in Russian)

[6] Borodin R.V., Gubeladze O.A., Goncharov R.A. Osobennosti sverkhzvukovogo obtekaniya povrezhdennoy poverkhnosti vozvrashchaemoy chasti kosmicheskogo apparata [Features of a supersonic flow of the damaged surface of the returned part of the spacecraft]. Materialy VIII Mezhdunarodnogo foruma «Vysokie tekhnologii KhKhI v.» [Materials of the VIII International forum "High Technologies in XXI"]. M. Pub. CJSC "Mavr" [CJSC "Mavr" publishing house], 2007, pp. 51–52. (in Russian)

[7] Avery D.E., Kerr P.A., Wieting A.R. Experimental aerodynamic heating to simulated Shuttle tiles. CITEWEB.INFO — WORLDWEB CITATION DATABASE, 1983. Available at: http://citeweb.info/19850194847 (in Russian)

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Design, manufacturing and commissioning of nuclear industry equipment

Article NameHybrid Laser Arc Welding of High Grade X80 and X120 Pipeline Steels
AuthorsS. Gook*1, A. Gumenyuk*,**2, M. Rethmeier*,**3

* Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology IPK, Pascalstraße 8-9, Berlin 10587
1 e-mail: sergej.gook@ipk.fraunhofer.de
ORCID iD: 0000-0002-4350-3850
WoS ResearcherID: F-8636-2017
** Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing BAM, Unter den Eichen 87, Berlin 12205

2 e-mail: andrey.gumenyuk@bam.de
ORCID iD: 0000-0002-8420-5964
WoS ResearcherID: D-6864-2017;

3 e-mail: michael.rethmeier@bam.de
ORCID iD: 0000-0001-8123-6696
WoS ResearcherID: B-9847-2009

AbstractThe aim of the present work was to investigate the possibilities of hybrid laser arc welding regarding reliable production of longitudinal welds of high strength pipe steels X80 and X120 and to evaluate achievable mechanical properties of laser hybrid welds. The study focused on weld toughness examination in low temperature range up to -60 °C. Suitable filler materials were identified in the context of this task. It could be shown that metal cored electrodes guaranteed sufficient Charpy impact toughness at low temperature for both investigated materials. Modern arc welding technologies such as modified pulsed spray arc were used to promote deeper penetration of the filler material into the narrow laser welding gap. Edge preparation with a 14 mm deep root face was considered as optimum, because no penetration of the filler material could be detected beyond this depth limit and therefore any metallurgical influences on the weld metal properties through the welding wire could be excluded.
Keywordshigh strength steel, hybrid laser arc welding, modified spray arc, longitudinal weld, pipeline

[1]    Hillenbrand H., Graef M.K., Groß-Weege J., Knauf G., Marewski U. Development of Line Pipe for deepwater applications, ISOPE, The 12th International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference & Exhibition, Kitakyushu, Japan, 26 – 31 May, 2002, pp. 287–294. (in English)

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Available at: http://www.lorch.biz/masters-of-speed-eu/PDFs/LO_VorsprungdurchSpeed_EN.pdf (in English)

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Article NamePrecision Radiation-Hardened BijFet OP AMP for Low-temperature Analog Interfaces Sensors
AuthorsO.V. Dvornikov*1, N.N. Prokopenko**, ***2, I.V. Pakhomov**3, A.A. Ignashin**4, A.V. Bugakova**5

O.V. Dvornikov*1, N.N. Prokopenko**, ***2, I.V. Pakhomov**3, A.A. Ignashin**4, A.V. Bugakova**5

* Plc., “Minsk Research Instrument-Making Institute”
Kolasa st., 73, Minsk, Belarus,  220113
1 e-mail: Oleg_dvornikov@tut.by 
ORCID iD: 0000-0001-6450-9090
Scopus Author ID: 6602465259
WoS ResearcherID: I-7207-2013

** Don State Technical University 
Gagarina sq. 1, Rostov-on-Don, Russia, 344000
2 e-mail: prokopenko@sssu.ru 
ORCID iD: 0000-0001-8291-1753
Scopus Author ID: 25227786700 
WoS ResearcherID: I-6599-2013;
3 e-mail:  ilyavpakhomov@sssu.ru
ORCID iD: 0000-0001-9861-7153
Scopus Author ID: 56535229400
WoS ResearcherID: E-4208-2017
4 e-mail: igan_96@mail.ru 
ORCID iD: 0000-0002-6390-4205
Scopus Author ID: 57190163883 
WoS ResearcherID: E-1358-2017;
5 e-mail: annabugakova.1992@mail.ru  
ORCID iD: 0000-0001-9255-0015
Scopus Author ID: 56543776600
WoS ResearcherID: E-6820-2014

*** Institute for Design Problems in Microelectronics of Russian Academy of Sciences (IPPM RAS)
Sovetskaya st. 3,  Zelenograd, Russia, 124681

AbstractThe original architecture and circuit design of the precision BiJFet operational amplifier (OA), which provides a systematic component of offset voltage no more than 8 μV in the temperature range -197 ÷ + 27С, with neutron flux up to 1017 N / m2 and accumulated radiation dose up to 10 kGy, was considered. The OA circuit has a high symmetry of the input circuits, and three high-impedance nodes, this makes possible to obtain an open-loop gain more than 80 dB. The choice of CAD and SPICE-models of array chip AC 1.3 transistors, which used to research the characteristics of the op-amp, was substantiated.
Keywordsradiation hardness, cryogenic temperature, general-circuit simulation, SPICE-models, analog integrated circuit, sensors, analog interfaces, offset voltage, neutron flux, accumulated radiation dose

[1] Dvornikov O., Chehovskij V., Djatlov V., Prokopenko N. Osobennosti analogovykh interfeysov datchikov. Chast 1 [Features analog sensor interfaces. Part 1]. Sovremennaja jelektronika [Modern Electronics]. 2013. Vol. 2. pp. 44-49. (in Russian)

[2] Dvornikov O.V., Tchekhovski V.A., Diatlov V.L., Bogatyrev Yu.V., Lastovski S.B. Radiatsionno-stoykie analogovye integralnye skhemy [Radiation hardened analog IC]. Problems of Perspective Micro- and Nanoelectronic Systems Development – 2012. Proceedings, Edited by A. Stempkovsky, M. Pub. IPPM RAS, 2012, pp. 280–283. (in Russian).

[3]  Dvornikov O.V., Tchekhovski V.A., Diatlov V.L., Prokopenko N.N. Influence of Ionizing Radiation on the Parameters of an Operational Amplifier Based on Complementary Bipolar Transistors. Russian Microelectronics, 2016, Vol. 45, No. 1, pp. 54–62. DOI: 10.1134/S10 63739716010030. (in Russian).

[4] Prokopenko N.N., Butyrlagin N.V., Bugakova A.V., Ignashin A.A. Mnogokanalnyj radiacionno-stojkij instrumentalnyj usilitel dlya datchikovyкh sistem i analogovyкh interfejsov otvetstvennogo primeneniya [Multichannel Radiation-Hardened Instrumentation Amplifier for Sensor Systems and Analog Interfaces of Demanding Application]. Globalnaya yadernaya bezopasnost [Global Nuclear Safety], 2016, №1(18), ISSN 2305-414X, eISSN 2499-9733, pp. 76–86 (in Russian)

[5] Dvornikov O.V., Chehovskij V.A., Djatlov V.L., Bogatyrev Ju.V., Lastovskij S.B. Izmenenie parametrov komplementarnykh bipolyarnykh tranzistorov pri vozdeystvii ioniziruyushchikh izlucheniy [Changing the complementary bipolar transistors when exposed to ionizing radiation]. Voprosy atomnoj nauki i tehniki “VANT” [Problems of Atomic Science and Technology "PAST"], 2015, pp. 17-22. (in Russian).

[6] Dvornikov O.V., Tchekhovski V.A., Diatlov V.L. Equipments to Single Photon Registration. Part 1. Features and Possibilities of Multi-Channel Photodetectors with Intrinsic Amplification. (Review). Devices and Methods of Measurements, 2012, №2, pp. 5–14. (in Russian).

[7] Dvornikov O.V., Tchekhovski V.A., Diatlov V.L., Prokopenko N.N. Modul na maloshumyashchikh polevykh tranzistorakh dlya obrabotki signalov lavinnykh fotodiodov [Low noise electronics module for avalanche photodiode signal readou]. Sovremennaja jelektronika [Modern Electronics], 2014, №8, pp. 82–87. (in Russian).

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[10]     Dvornikov O.V., Prokopenko N.N., Pakhomov I.V., Butyrlagin N.V., Bugakova A.V. Proektirovanie radiacionno-stojkikh analogovykh processorov i preobrazovatelej signalov datchikov na osnove bazovogo strukturnogo kristalla MH2XA010 [Design of the radiation-hardened analog processors and signal converters of the sensors systems based on basic structural crystal MH2XA010]. M. Pub. Radiotekhnika [Radiotechnics], 2016, №2, pp. 107–113. (in Russian).

[11]     Dvornikov O.V.,  Prokopenko N.N., Pakhomov  I.V., Bugakova A.V. The Analog Array Chip AC-1.3 for the Tasks of Tool Engineering in Conditions of Cryogenic Temperature, Neutron Flux and Cumulative Radiation Dose Effects. IEEE EWDTS, 2016, Yerevan, October, 14-17, 2016, pp. 282-285, DOI: 10.1109/EWDTS.2016.7807724 (in English)

[12]     Dvornikov O.V., Tchekhovski V.A., Prokopenko N.N., Bugakova A.V. The Design of the Circuits of Radiation-Hardened Charge-Sensitive Amplifiers Based on the Structured Array (MH2XA010) and Array Chip (AC-2.1).  2016 13th International Scientific-Technical Conference on Actual problems of Electronic Instrument Engineering (APEIE). In 12 Volumes. Vol. 1, Part 1, Novosibirsk, 2016. pp. 253–258, DOI: 10.1109/APEIE.2016.7802268 (in English)

[13]     Dvornikov O.V., Bozhatkin О.А., Prokopenko N.N., Bugakova A.B., Butyrlagin N.V. Operation-routing sequence of production of the radiation-hardened microcircuits of the structured array MH2XA010 for multichannel sensor systems. 2016 International Conference on Actual Problems of Electron Devices Engineering (APEDE-2016), September 22–23, 2016, Saratov, Russia. (in English)

[14]     Starchenko E.I., Prokopenko N.N., Budyakov P.S. The Radiation-Hardened Voltage References On Bipolar and JFET Transistors. Proceedings of the 8th IEEE GCC Conference and Exhibition, Muscat, Oman, 1–4 February, 2015, pp. 1–4. DOI: 10.1109/IEEEGCC.2015.7060065 (in English)

[15]     Dvornikov O.V., Dziatlau V.L., Prokopenko N.N., Petrosiants K.O., Kozhukhov N.V., Tchekhovski V.A. The Accounting of the Simultaneous Exposure of the Low Temperatures and the Penetrating Radiation at the Circuit Simulation of the BiJFET Analog Interfaces of the Sensors. Sibcon 2017, Astana, Kazakhstan. (in English)

[16]     Dvornikov               O.V.,  Grishkov V.N. Kompleksnyj podkhod k proektirovaniju radiacionnostojkikh analogovykh mikroskhem [Radiation hardened analog IC design]. Part 1. Uchet vlijanija pronikajushhej radiacii v “Spice-podobnykh” programmakh [Radiation effects simulation in the "Spice-like" programs]. Problemy razrabotki perspektivnykh mikro- i nanoehlektronnykh sistem – 2010. Sbornik trudov IV Vserossijskoj nauchno-tekhnicheskoj konferencii [Problems of Perspective Micro- and Nanoelectronic Systems Development – 2010]. Proceedings / edited by A. Stempkovsky, M. Pub. IPPM RAS, 2010. pp. 301–306. (in Russian).

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[18]     Dvornikov O.V., Chehovskij V.A., Djatlov V.L., Bogatyrev Ju.V., Lastovskij S.B. Vliyanie bystrykh elektronov na analogovye integralnye elementy i skhemy [Effect of fast electrons in the analog integrated circuit and elements]. Voprosy atom-noj nauki i tehniki. Serija: fizika radiacionnogo vozdejstvija na radiojelektronnuju apparaturu [Issues of atomic science and technology. Series: Physics of radiation ef-fects on electronic equipment], 2012, Vol. 3, pp. 54–59. (in Russian)

[19]     Dvornikov              O.V., Bugakova A.V., Butyrlagin N.V., Prokopenko N.N Patent RF №2014147805/08, 26.11.2014 Precizionnyj operacionnyj usilitel' na osnove radiacionno stojkogo bipoljarno-polevogo tekhnologicheskogo processa. Patent Rossii № 2568384 [Patent RF №2014147805/08, 26.11.2014 Precision operational amplifier based on radiation-hardered bipolar-field process. Patent of Russia № 2568384]. (in Russian)

[20]     Prokopenko N.N., Dvornikov O.V., Butyrlagin N.V., Bugakova A.V. The Radiation-Hardened BiJFet Differential Amplifiers with Negative Current Feedback on the Common-Mode Signal. 2016 13th International conference on actual problems of electronic instrument engineering (APEIE – 2016). Novosibirsk, October 3–6, 2016. In 12 Vol. Vol. 1, Part 1, pp. 104–108, DOI: 10.1109/APEIE.2016.7802224 (in English)

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[23]     Dvornikov O.V., Prokopenko N.N., Bugakova A.V., Ignashin A.A. The Radiation-Hardened Microcircuits of the Multichannel Op Amps with Current Feedback and the Analog Interfaces Based on the Structured Array MH2XA010. Proceedings of 2016 International Siberian Conference On Control And Communications (SIBCON’2016), Russia Moscow MAY 12−14, 2016, DOI: 10.1109/SIBCON.2016.7491790  (in English)

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Article NameEnsuring the Stability of Arc Welding Processes Using Inverter Power Source
AuthorsA.V. Sas*1, V.N. Sorokin*2, A.V. Chernov**3

* Gubkin Russian State University (NRU) of Oil and Gas, 65/1 Leninsnsky avenue. Moscow, Russia 119991
1ORCID ID: 0000-0001-7894-8131
Wos Researcher ID: F-8402-2017;

2 ORCID ID: 0000-0003-0237-6065
Wos Researcher ID: G-2086-2017

** Volgodonsk Engineering Technical Institute the branch of National Research Nuclear University «MEPhI», 73/94 Lenin St., Volgodonsk, Rostov region, Russia 347360
e-mail: AVChernov@mephi.ru

3 ORCID ID: 0000-0002-6126-7724
WoS Researcher ID: G-3742-2017

AbstractArticle considers use of adjustable short-term introduction of energy due to special functions of inverter sources for ensuring stability of arc welding process. The possibility of use of the IECM information and measuring system for an assessment of parameters of these functions is shown.
Keywordsinverter power source, a short arc, weld root, hot start, anti-sticking, current forcing

[1] Gladkov E.A., Brodiagin V.N., Perkovskii R.A. Avtomatizatsiia svarochnykh protsessov [Automation of welding processes]. M. Pub. Izdatelstvo MGTU im. N.E. Baumana [Bauman MSTU publishing house], 2014, ISBN 978-5-7038-3861-7, 421 p. (in Russian)

[2] Lebedev V.A., Sorokin M.S., Belov A.A. Algoritm upravleniia invertornymi istochnikami svarochnogo toka dlia optimizatsii parametrov perenosa elektrodnogo metalla [Control algorithm of invertor sources of welding current for parameter optimization of electrode metal transfer]. Svarochnoe proizvodstvo [Welding Fabrication], 2013, №12, ISSN 0491-6441, pp. 3–8. (in Russian)

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[5] Sas A.V., Gruzintsev B.P. Osnovy sozdaniia sistemy effektivnoi podgotovki vysokokvalifitsirovannykh operatorov ruchnoi dugovoi svarki [Bases of effective training system creation of highly skilled operators of manual arc welding]. Svarochnoe proizvodstvo [Welding Fabrication], 2013, №12, ISSN 0491-6441, pp. 47–49. (in Russian)

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Article NameDevelopment of Methodical Recommendations of Transition Process Assessment When Processing Large-Size Products Mechanically
AuthorsV.T. Saunkin*1, I.R. Grigoriev**2, O.E. Draka*3

* Volgodonsk Engineering Technical Institute the branch of National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”,
Lenin St., 73/94, Volgodonsk, Rostov region, Russia 347360
e-mail: VITIkafIUS@mephi.ru

1 ORCID iD: 000-0002-3462-4853
WoS ResearcherID: F-3352-2017;

3 ORCID iD: 000-0002-3397-6830
WoS ResearcherID: F-3316-2017
** Volgodonsk branch of JSC « AEM-technologies» «Atommash»,
Zhukovskoye shosse, 10, Volgodonsk, Rostov region, Russia 347360

2 ORCID iD: 000-0002-5654-5021
WoS ResearcherID: F-3370-2017

AbstractThe problem of control and an assessment of transition process when processing large-size products of atomic mechanical engineering is considered in the work. Machining of products is offered to be considered as process of cutting in the closed technological system "machine – adaptation – tool - detail" (MATD). The technique of an assessment of transition process time, proceeding from the set measurement error in a dynamic operating mode of system is offered.
Keywordsatomic power engineering, "machine – adaptation – tool - detail" system, transition process, lag effect, product processing quality

[1] Sovetov B.Ia., Iakovlev S.A. Modelirovanie sistem: uchebnik dlia vuzov [Modeling of systems: textbook for higher education institutions]. M. Pub. Vysshaia shkola [Higher School], 2005, ISBN 5-06-003860-2, 343 p. (in Russian)

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Operation of nuclear industry facilities

Article NameDesign Features of Nuclear Power Plant Unit Equipment Dismantle Taking into Account Decommission Regulation Standard
AuthorsS.A. Tomilin*, A.I. Berela**, N.N. Podrezov***, A.G. Fedotov****

Volgodonsk Engineering Technical Institute the branch of National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”,
Lenin St., 73/94, Volgodonsk, Rostov region, Russia 347360
e-mail:   VITIkafMPM@mephi.ru
* ORCID iD: 0000-0001-8661-8386
WoS ResearcherID: G-3465-2017;
** ORCID iD: 0000-0002-2314-9823
WoS ResearcherID: G-3828-2017;
*** ORCID iD: 0000-0002-0314-2413
WoS ResearcherID: G-3892-2017;
**** ORCID iD: 0000-0001-8522-1715
WoS ResearcherID: G-3692-2017

AbstractQuestions of design features of nuclear power plant unit equipment dismantle taking into account regulation standard of decommission process are considered in the work
Keywordsdecommission, nuclear power plant unit, dismantling works, project of work production, regulation standard

[1] NP 012-99. Federalnye normy i pravila v oblasti ispolzovaniia atomnoi energii. «Pravila obespecheniia bezopasnosti pri vyvode iz ekspluatatsii bloka atomnoi stantsii [NP 012-99. Federal standards and rules of atomic energy use. “Rules of safety decommission of nuclear power plant”]. Gosatomnadzor Rossii [State atomic supervision of Russia], 1999. (in Russian)

[2] OPB – 88/97 (NP-001-97; PNAEG-01-011-97) Obshchie polozheniia obespecheniia bezopasnosti atomnykh stantsii [OPB – 88/97 (NP-001-97; PNAEG-01-011-97) General provisions safety of nuclear power plants]. Gosatomnadzor Rossii [State atomic supervision of Russia], 1998. (in Russian)

[3] Berela A.I., Fedotov A.G., Tomilin S.A., Bylkin B.K. Razrabotka tekhnologicheskikh protsessov demontazha oborudovaniia pri vyvode iz ekspluatatsii atomnykh stantsii [Development of technological processes of dismantle of the equipment at nuclear power plants decommission]. Inzhenernyi vestnik Dona [Engineering bulletin of Don], 2013, Vol. 25, №2(25), ISSN 2073–8633, p. 64. Available at: http://www.ivdon.ru/ru/magazine/archive/n2y2013/1734 (in Russian)

[4] Berela A.I., Bylkin B.K., Tomilin S.A., Fedotov A.G. Adaptatsiia tekhnologii demontazha oborudovaniia vyvodimykh iz ekspluatatsii blokov AES k trebovaniiam radiatsionnoi bezopasnosti [Adaptation of technology of equipment dismantle of the NPP unit decommission to requirements of radiation safety]. Inzhenernyi vestnik Dona [Engineering bulletin of Don], 2014, Vol. 29, №2, ISSN 2073–8633, p. 98. Available at:  http://www.ivdon.ru/ru/magazine/archive/n2y2014/2416 (in Russian)

[5] Berela A.I., Fedotov A.G., Tomilin S.A. Tekhnologicheskoe oborudovanie, primeniaemoe v rabotakh po vyvodu iz ekspluatatsii blokov AES [The processing equipment used in the NPP unit decommission]. Globalnaya yadernaya bezopasnost [Global nuclear safety], 2013, №1(6), ISSN 2305–414X, eISSN 2499-9733, pp. 58–66. (in Russian)

[6] Berela A.I., Tomilin S.A., Fedotov A.G. Realizatsiia protsedur obespecheniia radiatsionnoi bezopasnosti v tekhnologicheskikh protsessakh demontazha oborudovaniia pri vyvode blokov AES iz ekspluatatsii [Implementation of procedures of ensuring radiation safety in technological processes of equipment dismantle at the NPP unit decommission], Inzhenernyi vestnik Dona [Engineering bulletin of Don], 2015, Vol. 33, №1–1, ISSN 2073–8633, pp. 25. Available at: http://www.ivdon.ru/ru/magazine/archive/n1y2015/2766 (in Russian)

[7] NP 091-14. Federalnye normy i pravila v oblasti ispolzovaniia atomnoi energii. «Obespechenie bezopasnosti pri vyvode iz ekspluatatsii obieektov ispolzovaniia atomnoi energii. Obshchie polozheniia» [NP 091-14. Federal standards and rules of use of atomic energy. "Safety of decommission of subjects to use of atomic energy. General provisions"]. Federalnaia sluzhba po ekologicheskomu, tekhnicheskomu i atomnomu nadzoru [Federal service on ecological, technical and atomic supervision], 2014. (in Russian)

[8] RD EO Podgotovka i vyvod iz ekspluatatsii bloka atomnoi stantsii. Osnovnye polozheniia [RD EO Preparation and decommission of nuclear power plant. Basic provisions]. OAO «Kontsern Rosenergoatom» [JSC Rosenergoatom Concern], 2014. (in Russian)

[9] RB 031-04. Rukovodstvo po bezopasnosti. «Sostav i soderzhanie otcheta po obosnovaniiu bezopasnosti pri vyvode iz ekspluatatsii bloka atomnoi stantsii» [RB 031-04. Safety Guide. "Composition and content of the report on the safety justification for nuclear power plant unit decommissioning"]. Federalnaia sluzhba po atomnomu nadzoru [Federal Atomic Supervision Service], 2004. (in Russian)

[10] SP Obespechenie radiatsionnoi bezopasnosti pri vyvode iz ekspluatatsii bloka atomnoi stantsii. Sanitarnye pravila SP VE BAS-07 [SP Ensuring radiation safety during decommissioning of a nuclear power plant unit. Sanitary rules of the joint venture SR VE BAS-07]. Sanepidnadzor Rossii [Sanitary and Epidemic Control of Russia], 2007. (in Russian)

[11] Pereguda V., Shaposhnikov V., Kononov V. etc. Effektivnost ekspluatatsii atomnykh stantsii [Efficiency of nuclear power plant operation]. Energeticheskaya strategiya [Energy Strategy], 2011, May. pp. 58–60. Available at: http://neolant.ru/upload/neolant_EnS_3.pdf – 11.01.2017. (in Russian)

[12] Berela A.I., Tomilin S.A., Fedotov A.G., Iakubenko I.A. Obrazovatelnyi modul dlia podgotovki spetsialistov po proizvodstvu demontazhnykh rabot pri vyvode iz ekspluatatsii blokov AES [Educational module for the training of specialists in the production of dismantling work in the decommissioning of nuclear power units]. Globalnaia iadernaia bezopasnost [Global nuclear safety]. 2014, №2(11), ISSN 2305–414X, eISSN 2499-9733, pp. 111–119. (in Russian)

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Article NameOperating Condition Research of Air Heat Exchanger of Emergency Cooling
AuthorsA.M. Besedin*1, A.Yu. Smolin*2, A.S. Shamarokov**3, S.B. Kravets***4, A.S. Mirzaliev*5

* Volgodonsk Engineering Technical Institute the branch of National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”,
Lenin St., 73/94, Volgodonsk, Rostov region, Russia 347360
e-mail:   VITIkafAE@mephi.ru

1ORCID iD: 0000-0002-0348-8844
WoS ResearcherID: F-6138-2017;

2ORCID iD: 0000-0002-0148-2086
WoS ResearcherID: F-4089-2017;

5ORCID iD: 0000-0003-1704-431X
WoS ResearcherID: F-7464-2017

** Russian Research and Development Institute for Nuclear Power Production Sector Engineering,
Kosmonavta Volkova St.. 6A, Moscow, Russia 125171
e-mail: mail@vniiam.ru

3ORCID iD: 0000-0003-3013-8062
Researcher ID: G-1504-2017

*** All-Russian Scientific and Research Institute for Nuclear Power Plant Operation,
Pherganskaya St.. 25. Moscow, Russia 109507
e-mail: vniiaes@vniiaes.ru

4ORCID iD: 0000-0001-8297-3102
ResearcherID: F-7817-2017

AbstractThe research of aerodynamics, heat exchange, vibration and tension of the heatexchange device which surface of heating being gathering from evolvent screens is made on full-scale model. The vibration resistance of the tube and the gate of the apparatus is estimated. The influence of propellants and their geometry on the intensity of heat exchange is determined. Recommendations are given for equalizing the distribution of the air flow, accessibility of the slide and tubing.
Keywordsheat exchanger, heating surface, evolvent shields, aerodynamic resistance, heat transfer, vibration, strain gauge, velocity and temperature fields, reliability, NPP

[1] Zorin V.A. Atomnye elektrostancii [Nuclear power plants]. M. Pub. Izdatelskij dom MEI [MPEI Publishing house], 2012, ISBN 978-5-383-00604-7, 672 p. (in Russian)

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[3] Blinov O.M.,Belenkij A.M., Berdyshev V.F. Teplotexnicheskie izmereniya i pribory [Thermotechnical measurements and instruments]. Leningrad. Pub. Metallurgia [Metallurgy], 1993, ISBN 5-229-00836-9, 288 p. (in Russian)

[4] Petuxov B.S., Genin L.G., Kovalev S.A., Solovjev S.L. Teploobmen v yadernyh energeticheskih ustanovkah [Heat transfer in nuclear power plants]. M. Pub. Izdatelstvo MEI [MPEI Publishing house], 2003, ISBN 5-7046-0843-4, 548 p. (in Russian)

[5] Dajchak M.L. Prigorovskij M.I., Hurshudov G.X. Metody i sredstva naturnoj tenzometrii [Methods and means of full strainometry]. M. Pub. Mashinostroenie [Mechanical engineering], 1989, 240 p. (in Russian)

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[8] Kirillov P.L., Yuryev Yu.S., Bobkov V.P. Spravochnik po teplogidravlicheskim raschetam (yadernye reaktory, teploobmenniki, parogeneratory) [Handbook of thermohydraulic calculations (nuclear reactors, heat exchangers, steam generators)]. M. Pub. Energoatomizdat [Energoatomizdat], 1984, 384 p. (in Russian)

[9] RTM 108.031.05–84. Oborudovanie teploobmennoe AES. Raschet teplovoj i gidravlicheskij [RTM 108.031.05 - 84. Heat exchanging equipment for nuclear power plants. Thermal and hydraulic calculation]. Leningrad. Pub. NPO CKTI [NPO CKTI], 1986, 96 p. (in Russian)

[10] RTM 108.302.03-86. Parogeneratory AES. Raschet vibracii teploobmennyx trub [RTM 108.302.03-86. Steam generators of nuclear power plants. Calculation of vibration of heat exchange tubes]. Leningrad. Pub. NPO CKTI [NPO CKTI], 1987, 74 p. (in Russian)

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Article NameTraining of Qualified Personnel for the Foreign NPPs as Providing Safety Factor in Nuclear Energy Using
AuthorsV.A. Rudenko*, S.A. Tomilin**, V.G. Beketov***

Volgodonsk Engineering Technical Institute the branch of National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”,
Lenin St., 73/94, Volgodonsk, Rostov region, Russia 347360
e-mail: viti@mephi.ru
* ORCID iD: 0000-0002-6698-5469
WoS ResearcherID: B-7730-2016;
** ORCID iD: 0000-0001-8661-8386
WoS ResearcherID: G-3465-2017;
*** ORCID iD: 0000-0003-0242-6745
WoS ResearcherID:

AbstractThe work presents the experience of VETI NRNU MEPhI in the organization and carrying out of practical training of foreign students in operation, maintenance, repair and engineering support of nuclear power plants in the NRNU MEPhI Resource Center. The implementation of such training is one of the most important factors contributing to the reliable and accident-free operation of nuclear power plants and ensuring economic and environmental safety.
Keywordsresource center, practical training, foreign student training, safety in nuclear energy using.

[1] Stroiashchiesia AES za rubezhom [The NPPs under construction abroad]. 2017. Available at:http://archive.rosatom.ru/ aboutcorporation/activity/energy_complex/designandbuilding/bild_npp_2/ (in Russian)

[2] Rosatom sozdast novye standarty v sfere podgotovki [Rosatom will create new standards in the sphere of training of specialists]. 2017. Available at: http://www.ocks-rosatoma.ru/about/press/smi/b772c58048d6406f8df69f7934e86c8e (in Russian)

[3] Rudenko V.A., Vasilenko N.P. Osobennosti sovremennoi realizatsii praktikoorientirovannogo podkhoda podgotovki kadrov dlia atomnoi otrasli v usloviiakh resursnykh tsentrov predpriiatii [Features of modern realization of the practical focused approach of training for nuclear industry in the conditions of the enterprise resource centers]. Globalnaya yadernaya bezopasnost [Global nuclear safety], 2015, №2(15), ISSN 2305-414X, pp. 111–116. (in Russian)

[4] Rudenko V.A., Podrezov N.N. , Tomilin S.A.,  Zaiarov Iu.V., Dobler G.A., Sinelshchikov V.V., Gook A.E. Novye professionalnye standarty dlia atomnoi otrasli i Proizvodstvennaia sistema «Rosatom» [New professional standards for nuclear industry and Rosatom Production system]. Novyi universitet. Seriia: Tekhnicheskie nauki [перевод], 2014, №9(31), ISSN 2221-9552, pp. 4–8. (in Russian)

[5] Professionalnyi standart 24.032               Spetsialist v oblasti teploenergetiki (reaktornoe otdelenie) (zaregistrirovan v Miniuste Rossii 26 maia 2015 g. №37394) [The professional standard 24.032 the Expert in the field of power system (reactor building) (№ 37394 is registered in the Ministry of Justice, Russian Federation on May 26, 2015)]. Available at: http://fgosvo.ru/uploadfiles/profstandart/24.032.pdf (in Russian)

[6] Professionalnyi standart 24.037               Spetsialist po obsluzhivaniiu i remontu mekhanicheskogo oborudovaniia atomnykh stantsii (zaregistrirovano v Miniuste Rossii 11 iiunia 2015 g. №37644) [The professional standard 24.037 the Specialist in service and repair of the mechanical equipment of nuclear power plants (it is registered in the Ministry of Justice, Russian Federation on June 11, 2015 № 37644)]. Available at: http://fgosvo.ru/uploadfiles/profstandart/24.037.pdf (in Russian)

[7] Rudenko V.A., Tomilin S.A., Fedotov A.G., Beketov V.G. Razrabotka professionalnogo standarta dlia spetsialistov po obsluzhivaniiu i remontu mekhanicheskogo oborudovaniia AES [Development of the professional standard for specialists in service and repair of the NPP mechanical equipment]. Globalnaya yadernaya bezopasnost [Global nuclear safety], 2014, №1(10), ISSN 2305-414X, pp. 68–72. (in Russian)

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Article NameModern Peculiarities of Professional Standard Development for the Nuclear Industry
AuthorsE.B. Vesna*1, I.Yu. Konyukhov*2, V.A. Rudenko**3, N.P. Vasilenko**4

** National Research Nuclear University «MEPhI», Kashirskoye shosse, 31, Moscow, Russia 115409
1e-mail: EBVesna@mephi.ru
ORCID iD: 0000-0001-5509-6693
WoS ResearcherID: G-6663-2017

2 e-mail: IYKonyukhov@mephi.ru
WoS ResearcherID:

** Volgodonsk Engineering Technical Institute the branch of National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”,
Lenin St., 73/94, Volgodonsk, Rostov region, Russia 347360
e-mail: viti@mephi.ru

3ORCID iD: 0000-0002-6698-5469
WoS ResearcherID:B-7730-2016

4ORCID iD: 0000-0001-7054-1302
WoS ResearcherID: G-4963-2017

AbstractThe article highlighted the present stage of professional standard development which is characterized by active stage of their introduction, completion of earlier developed professional standards, creation of administrative structures of the developed standards accompanying their development and deployment, a responsible attitude of employers to examination of the developed standards, a possibility of the analysis of the allowed inaccuracies in the previous professional standards and need of the accounting of professional standard labor actions when developing the main educational program of the higher and secondary vocational education.
Keywordsnuclear industry, professional standards, training of specialists

[1] Uvarova G. Chelovecheskij faktor v obespechenii yadernoj bezopasnosti [The human factor in ensuring nuclear safety]. Vash partner-konsultant [Your partner-consultant], 2013, №20(9486). Available at: https://www.eg-online.ru/article/211801/ (in Russian)

[2] Razrabotka Professionalnykh standartov predpriyatij atomnoj energetiki, promyshlennosti i nauki [Elaboration of Professional Standards for Enterprises of Nuclear Power Engineering, Industry and Science]. Available at: http://srrosatom.ru/node/1281 (in Russian)

[3] Rudenko V.A., Podrezov N.N., Dobler G.A., Abrosimova N.V. K voprosu ob aktualizacii dejstvuyushhikh professionalnykh standartov [Actualization of existing professional standards]. Globalnaya yadernaya bezopasnost [Global nuclear safety], 2013, №3(8), ISSN 2305-414X, eISSN2499-9733, pp. 82–85. (in Russian)

[4] Rudenko V.A., Vasilenko N.P., Dobler G.A., Tomilin S.A., Beketov V.G., Fedotov A.G.Razrabotka professionalnykh standartov dlya atomnoj otrasli [Development of professional standards for the nuclear industry]. Globalnaya yadernaya bezopasnost [Global nuclear safety], 2014, №1(10), ISSN 2305-414X, eISSN2499-9733, pp. 87–90. (in Russian)

[5] Federalnyj zakon «O vnesenii izmenenij v Trudovoj kodeks Rossijskoj Federacii i stati 11 i 73 Federalnogo zakona «Ob obrazovaniiv Rossijskoj Federacii» [The Federal Law "Amendments to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation and Articles 11 and 73 of the Federal Law "Education in the Russian Federation"]. Available at: http://pravo.gov.ru (in Russian)

[6] Postanovlenie Pravitelstva RF ot 27 iyunya 2016 g. №584 «Ob osobennostyakh primeneniya professionalnykh standartov v chasti trebovanij, obyazatelnykh dlya primeneniya gosudarstvennymi vnebyudzhetnymi fondami Rossijskoj Federacii, gosudarstvennymi ili municipalnymi uchrezhdeniyami, gosudarstvennymi ili municipal'nymi unitarnymi predpriyatiyami, a takzhe gosudarstvennymi korporaciyami, gosudarstvennymi kompaniyami i hozyajstvennymi obshhestvami, bolee pyatidesyati procentov akcij (dolej) v ustavnom kapitale kotorykh nakhoditsya v gosudarstvennoj sobstvennosti ili municipalnoj sobstvennosti» [Resolution of the Russian Government dated June 27, 2016 №584 “Peculiarities of application of professional standards in terms of mandatory requirements for the application of state non-budgetary funds of the Russian Federation, state or municipal institutions, state or municipal unitary enterprises and state corporations, state-owned companies and business entities, over fifty percent of shares (stakes) in the authorized capital of which is state-owned or municipal property”]. Available at: www.garant.ru/hotlaw/federal/767456 (in Russian)

[7] Nacionalnyj sovet pri Prezidente Rossijskoj Federacii po professionalnym kvalifikaciyam [The National Council of the President of the Russian Federation for Professional Qualifications]. Available at:nspkrf.ru/documents (in Russian)

[8] Rudenko V.A., Tomilin S.A., Vasilenko N.P. Osnovnye problemy organizacii podgotovki specialistov dlya atomnoj otrasli v usloviyakh vnedreniya professionalnykh standartov [The main problems of training specialists for the nuclear industry in the context of the introduction of professional standards]. Globalnaya yadernaya bezopasnost [Global nuclear safety], 2016, №3(20), ISSN 2305-414X, eISSN2499-9733, pp. 80–87. (in Russian)

Papers85 - 92
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Article NameDirect and Indirect Methods of the NPP Management Operator Reaction Time Measuring
AuthorsM.V. Alyushin*, A.M. Alyushin**, M.E. Atkina***

National Research Nuclear University «MEPhI»,
Kashirskoye Shosse, 31, Moscow, Russia 115409

* e-mail: MVAlyushin@mephi.ru
ORCID iD: 0000-0001-7806-3739
WoS Researcher ID: R-7928-2016;

** e-mail: amalyushin@mephi.ru
ORCID iD: 0000-0003-1722-0598
WoS Researcher ID: F-8004-2017;

*** e-mail: MEAtkina@mephi.ru
ORCID iD: 0000-0003-3461-322X
WoS Researcher ID: F-9690-2017

AbstractAn approach to the definition of NPP management operator reaction time directly in the performance of his work responsibilities is suggested. The approach is based on the use of the possibility of remote non-contact technology of human bioparameters registration. Approach focuses on the use of automated data processing in real time.
Keywordsreaction time, direct and indirect methods of measurement, the human factor

[1] Aliushin M.V., Kolobashkina L.V., Khazov A.V. Professionalnyi otbor personala po psikhologicheskim kachestvam na osnove metodov, razrabotannykh v ramkakh teorii priniatiia reshenii [Professional selection of personnel on psychological qualities on the basis of the methods developed within the theory of decision-making]. Voprosy psikhologii [Psychology questions], 2015, №2, ISSN 0042-8841, pp. 88–94. (in Russian)

[2] Aliushin M.V., Kolobashkina L.V. Monitoring bioparametrov cheloveka na osnove distantsionnykh tekhnologii [Monitoring of bioparameters of the person on the basis of remote technologies]. Voprosy psikhologii [Psychology questions], 2014, №6, ISSN 0042-8841, pp. 135–144. (in Russian)

[3] Aliushin M.V., Aliushin A.V., Andriushina L.O., Kolobashkina L.V., Pshenin V.V. Distantsionnye i nekontaktnye tekhnologii registratsii bioparametrov operativnogo personala kak sredstvo upravleniia chelovecheskim faktorom i povysheniia bezopasnosti AES [Remote and not contact technologies of registration of bioparameters of operation personnel as control facility human factor and increases in the NPP safety]. Globalnaya yadernaya bezopasnost [Global nuclear safety], 2013, №3(8), ISSN 2305-414X, eISSN 2499-9733, pp. 69–77. (in Russian)

[4] Aliushin M.V., Aliushin A.V., Belopolskii V.M., Kolobashkina L.V., Ushakov V.D. Opticheskie tekhnologii dlia sistem monitoringa tekushchego funktsionalnogo sostoianiia operativnogo sostava upravleniia obieektami atomnoi energetiki [Optical technologies for systems of monitoring of the current functional state of quick structure of management of nuclear power objects]. Globalnaya yadernaya bezopasnost [Global nuclear safety], 2013, №2(7), ISSN 2305-414X, eISSN 2499-9733, pp. 69–77. (in Russian)

[5] Aliushin V.M. Diagnostika psikhoemotsionalnogo sostoianiia na osnove sovremennykh akusticheskikh tekhnologii [Diagnostics of a psychoemotional state on the basis of modern acoustic technologies]. Voprosy psikhologii [Psychology questions], 2015, №3, ISSN 0042-8841, pp. 145–152. (in Russian)

[6] Aliushin M.V., Aliushin V.M. Metodika izmereniia vremeni reaktsii operatora upravleniia [Technique of time measurement of the management operator reaction]. Voprosy psikhologii [Psychology questions], 2015, №5, ISSN 0042-8841, pp. 157–165. (in Russian)

[7] Aliushin M.V., Aliushin V.M. Eksperimentalnoe issledovanie vremeni reaktsii cheloveka v usloviiakh deistviia akusticheskikh pomekh [Pilot study of reaction time of the person in the conditions of acoustic hindrances]. Voprosy psikhologii [Psychology questions], 2016, №1, ISSN 0042-8841, pp. 163–168. (in Russian)

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Article NameKey Performance Indicators as Economic Security Tool of the Rosatom State Corporation Enterprises
AuthorsI.A. Ukhalina*, N.A. Efimenko**, S.P. Agapova***

Volgodonsk Engineering Technical Institute the branch of National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”,
Lenin St., 73/94, Volgodonsk, Rostov region, Russia 347360
e-mail:   VITIkafESGD@mephi.ru
* ORCID iD: 0000-0002-1928-7510
WoS ResearcherID: E-3153-2017
** ORCID iD: 0000-0001-8113-6759
WoS ResearcherID: E-3439-2017
*** ORCID iD: 0000-0002-8484-2912
WoS ResearcherID: E-4842-2017

AbstractArticle is devoted to questions of the key performance indicators (KPI) using as the economic security tool of the Rosastom Group enterprises. Researches in the field of economic security and economic stability of the industrial enterprises have shown that internal and external threats have an impact on efficiency of the enterprises, their competitiveness. In article the emphasis that reserves of increase in resistance to competitive resistance in the market of nuclear and power industry in which activity of the Rosastom Group enterprise is carried out, should be scooped first of all in internal sources and resource potential is placed. Use of a deductive method of the economic analysis has allowed to decapacitate the main indicators of efficiency of industrial enterprise activity, having defined the private indicators exerting impact on the main indicator of state corporation activity – the Corrected Free Cash Flow (CFCF). Carrying out a research of efficiency indicators from "the general to private" it is possible to isolate key indicators of efficiency of different level of hierarchy and to cascade tasks on appropriate levels of management and to bring to specific performers. The directions and ways of increase in efficiency of activities for the main KPI are defined. As a result it was noted that command success in key performance indicators leads to increase in competitiveness of the enterprises and corporation in general and to strengthening of Rosatom State Corporation positions in the local and international market, thus to strengthening of enterprise economic security.
Keywordsenterprise economic security, Key Performance Indicators (KPI), EBITDA, EBITDA Margin, Corrected Free Cash Flow (CFCF)

[1] Kozachenko A.V., Ponomarev V.P. Metodicheskie osnovy otsenki urovnia ekonomicheskoi bezopasnosti predpriiatiia [Methodical bases of assessment of enterprise economic security level]. Regionalnye perspektivy [Regional prospects], 2007, №2-3(9-10). – pp. 104–106. (in Ukrainian)

[2] Fokina N.P. Ekonomika predprinimatelstva – vazhneishaia sostavliaiushchaia finansovoi ustoichivosti [Business economy is the most important component of financial stability]. Aktualnye problemy ekonomiki [Urgent problems of economics], 2006, №8, ISSN 1993-6788, pp. 111–114. (in Ukrainian)

[3] Efimenko N.A., Ukhalina I.A. Konkurentnye preimushchestva Rossii na mirovom rynke otrabotannogo iadernogo topliva [Competitive advantages of Russia in the world market of the fulfilled nuclear fuel]. Globalnaia iadernaia bezopasnost [Global nuclear safety], 2014,  №4(13), ISSN 2305-414X, eISSN 2499-9733, pp. 96–98. (in Russian)

[4] Efimenko N.A., Ukhalina I.A., Agapova S.P. Problemy i perspektivy razvitiia biznesa Goskorporatsii «Rosatom» v sfere Back-End [Problems and the prospects of business development of ROSATOM State Corporation in Back-End sphere]. Uspekhi sovremennoi nauki i obrazovaniia [Progress of modern science and education], 2017,  Vol. 2, №1, ISSN 2412-9631, pp. 144–147. (in Russian)

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[10] Klochkov A. K. KPI i motivatsiia personala. Polnyi sbornik prakticheskikh instrumentov [KPI and motivation of personnel. Full collection of practical tools]. Pub. Eksmo, 2010, ISBN 978-5-699-37901-9, 160 s. (in Russian)

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[13] Golovko M.V., Rudenko V.A. Korporativnye tsennosti v sisteme ustoichivogo razvitiia i bezopasnosti razvitiia promyshlennykh predpriiatii (na primere GK «Rosatom») [Corporate values in system of sustainable development and safety of development of the industrial enterprises (on the example of Rosatom State Corporation)]. Globalnaia iadernaia bezopasnost [Global nuclear safety], 2015, №4(17), ISSN 2305-414X, eISSN 2499-9733, pp. 103–114. (in Russian)

[14] Dorofeeva N., Altunina  O. Otsenit bestsennyi resurs [To estimate an invaluable resource]. REA [REU], 2016,  №3. S. 28–35. (in Russian)

Papers102 - 112
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Article NameRussian and Foreign Historiography of Safety Culture Problems in Nuclear Power Engineering
AuthorsA.V. Zhuk*, M.V. Golovko**, Y.A. Evdoshkina***

Volgodonsk Engineering Technical Institute the branch of National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”,
Lenin St., 73/94, Volgodonsk, Rostov region, Russia 347360
* e-mail: AVZhuk@mephi.ru
ORCID iD: 0000-0002-7596-5240
WoS ResearcherID: G-3749-201
** e-mail: MVGolovko@mephi.ru
ORCID iD: 0000-0002-4835-9800
WoS ResearcherID: J-2461-2016
*** e-mail: YAEvdoshkina@mephi.ru
ORCID iD: 0000-0002-6704-0643
WoS ResearcherID: G-8379-2017

AbstractIn the article the Russian and foreign researches devoted to safety culture problems in nuclear power engineering are considered. The periodization of the plenty of sources and literature on safety culture problems is offered with division into 4 stages. Literature of 1950–2016 from the point on view of formation the safety culture theory is analysed. Direct dependence of research subjects on the severity of nuclear power facility catastrophes is noted, taking into account the political conjuncture and public opinion formation. The conclusion is drawn on existence of unexplored areas and lack of the generalizing work on the historiography of safety culture problems of nuclear power facilities.
Keywordssafety culture, nuclear power, Chernobyl NPP, "Three Mile Island" NPP, "Fukushima-1" NPP, Sellafield nuclear complex, Windscale fire, «Mayak» production association

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