2020, 3 (36)

Nuclear, radiation and environmental safety

Article NamePreventing Attacks on the Easiest Applications with Vulnerabilities by Verification of Their Committed System Calls
AuthorsM.A. Parinov*1, A.G. Sirotkina**2

*Institute of Nuclear Physics and Technology (INP&T), National Research Nuclear University «MEPhI», Kashirskoye shosse, 31, Moscow, Russia 115409

**SARFTI - National Research Nuclear University «MEPhI», Duhova str., 6 building 1, Sarov, Russia 607186

1ORCID iD: 0000-0002-6947-8753

WoS Researcher ID: G-9341-2019

e-mail: mafimka@gmail.com

2ORCID iD: 0000-0003-4559-7763

e-mail: sag@sarfti.ru

AbstractThe issue of detecting and preventing attacks on applications has been and remains one of the urgent tasks of information security. Flaws in the program code lead to disruption of the normal operation of the software. Data integrity, availability and confidentiality of the data, interruption of the execution of running processes or even the system as a whole may occur due to design flaws. The aim of this work is to prevent attacks on the application by overflowing the buffer using the developed complex to prevent attacks. To achieve this goal, the shortcomings of modern systems for preventing attacks on applications are briefly reviewed, the structure of the developed software package, the operation algorithms of each module of the software package, the mechanism for buffer overflows are examined, and the developed software package is tested on a simple buffer overflow.
Keywordsbuffer overflow, system calls, code injection, data execution prevention, ASLR, StackGuard, information security.


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Article NameStudy of Automated Control System of Underwater Dosimetry Kit in Remote Bottom Radioactivity Measurement in Deepwater Areas
AuthorsA.P. Elokhin*1, A.A. Vasilenko*2, S.E. Ulin*3, S. Yuksekler**4, M. Yuksekler**5

*National Research Nuclear University Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (NRNU MEPhI),
Kashirskoye shosse, 31, Moscow, Russia 115409

**AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC, Buyukejeli District, Akkuyu Avenue No: 0 Gulnar / Mersin, Turkey 33715

1ORCID iD: 0000-0002-7682-8504

WoS Researcher ID: G-9573-2017

e-mail: elokhin@yandex.ru

2e-mail: im-ver@yandex.ru

3ORCID iD: 0000-0001-6737-7070

WoS Researcher ID: B-4616-2016

e-mail: seulin@gmail.com

4e-mail: millinukleer@gmail.com

5e-mail: m.yuksekler@akkuyu.com

AbstractThe paper presents a study of the automated control system of the underwater radio-controlled unmanned vehicle (as a prototype) which monitors the radiation in the deepwater area bottom (with the depth over 10 m), and a system of the operator-vehicle communication line. A standard approach to the radiation monitoring is applied with the help of spectrometric and dosimetry equipment, as well as an echo sounder mounted on the underwater vehicle. The communication line with a facility located on the ground is exercised in the following two ways: when in water, it is arranged through the information transmission by ultrasound to the buffer gear floating on the surface of the water area, and through the gear it gets in a retransmission to the operator on the ground via a radio channel. The control of the underwater vehicle is exercised in the reversed sequence: from the operator to the buffer gear, it goes through a radio channel, then it goes from the latter to the underwater vehicle by the retransmission into ultrasound, and then it reaches the receiving device of the underwater vehicle through further retransmission
Keywordsultrasound data transmission, radio-controlled underwater vehicle, radiation monitoring of water area bottom, spectrometric, dosimetry equipment, radio communication channel
  1. Nyrok-2: distancionnyi metod radiacionnogo kontrolya donnykh otlozhenyi. [Nyrok‑2: the Method of Remote Radiation Monitoring of Bed Slit]. URL: http://www.atomic-energy.ru/technology/18974] (in Russian).
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Article NameIntegral Logistics in NPP Unit Decommissioning Project
AuthorsA.I. Berela1, S.A. Tomilin2, A.G.Fedotov3, E.S. Arsenteva4

Volgodonsk Engineering Technical Institute the branch of National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”,

Lenin St., 73/94, Volgodonsk, Rostov region, Russia 347360

1e-mail: berelaleks@yandex.ru

2ORCID iD: 0000-0001-8661-8386

Wos Researher ID: G-3465-2017

e-mail: SATomilin@mephi.ru

3e-mail: AGFedotov@mephi.ru

4ORCID iD: 0000-0002-4599-4569


AbstractThe paper considers the integral logistics of the dismantling work stage during the decommissioning of NPP units and the feasibility of its presentation in the corresponding project. The features of the logistic approach to the organization of dismantling works and subsequent operations of handling dismantled products are shown
Keywordsdecommissioning, nuclear power plant unit, integrated logistics, organization of dismantling works, radiation safety
  1. B.K. [et al.] Osnovy vyvoda iz ekspluatatsii blokov atomnykh elektricheskikh stantsiy [Basics of Decommissioning Units of Nuclear Power Plants]. Moskva: Izdatel'skiy dom MEI [Moscow: MPEI Publishing House]. 504 p. (in Russian).
  2. Berela A.I., Tomilin S.A., Fedotov A.G. Vozmozhnosti logistiki v obespechenii e`ffektivnosti i radiacionnoj bezopasnosti proizvodstvennogo processa vy`voda iz e`kspluatacii blokov atomny`x stancij [Logistics Capabilities in Ensuring the Efficiency and Radiation Safety of the Production Process of Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Units]. Global`naya yadernaya bezopasnost`[Global Nuclear Safety]. 2019. № 2(31). P. 68-75 (in Russian).
  3. Berela A.I., Tomilin S.A., Fedotov A.G. Proizvodstvennaya logistika demontazhnykh rabot pri vyvode iz ekspluatatsii blokov atomnykh stantsiy [Industrial Logistics of Dismantling Works during Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants]. Global`naya yadernaya bezopasnost`[Global Nuclear Safety]. 2019. № 3(32). P. 66-73 (in Russian).
  4. Berela A.I., Tomilin S.A., Fedotov A.G. Osnovnyye printsipy razrabotki konkurentnosposobnykh proyektov demontazhnykh rabot pri vyvode iz ekspluatatsii blokov atomnykh stantsiy [Basic Principles of Developing Competitive Projects for Dismantling Works during Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants]. Izvestiya Moskovskogo gosudarstvennogo tekhnicheskogo universiteta MAMI [Bulletin of the Moscow State Technical University MAMI]. 2015. T.5. № 4(26). P. 191-195.
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    texnologicheskogo processa demontazha oborudovaniya pri vy`vode iz e`kspluatacii bloka atomnoj stancii [Optimization Aspects of the Design Process of Dismantling Equipment during Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plant Unit]. Tyazheloe mashinostroenie [Heavy Engineering]. 2004. №6. P. 9-14 (in Russian).
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Design, manufacturing and commissioning of nuclear industry equipment

Article NameOptimization and Improvement of Electric Drive Valve Diagnostics Process During Pre-Commissioning Activities at NPP Units Under Construction
AuthorsZ.O. Kavrishvili1, V.L. Rachkov2

Rostov branch «Rostovatomtechenergo» of JSC «Atomtechenergo», Volgodonsk-28, Rostov region,
Russia 347388

1ORCID ID: 0000-0002-9185-0785

e-mail: zokavrishvili@roate.ru

2ORCID ID: 0000-0003-3710-3153

e-mail: vlrachkov@roate.ru

AbstractThe article discusses the need for technical diagnostics of electric drive stop valves, and there are presented applied methods for evaluating the technical condition. In addition, an approach to the organization of commissioning works related to the configuration of electric drive valves is revealed, based on their combination with diagnostic support, which allows to improve the quality and efficiency of autonomous and complex commissioning as well as to increase the effectiveness of technical management of hydraulic tests and reduce their duration.
Keywordselectric drive valves, technical diagnostics, technical condition assessment, pre-commissioning, efficiency, autonomous commissioning, complex commissioning
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  2. RD EO 0648-2005 Polozheniye o tekhnicheskom diagnostirovanii elektroprivodnoy truboprovodnoy promyshlennoy armatury na energoblokakh atomnykh stantsiy. OAO «Kontsern Rosenergoatom» [Provision of Technical Diagnosing of Electrically Driven Industrial Pipeline Valves for Power Units of Nuclear Power Plants. Rosenergoatom Concern]. Moskva [Moscow]. 2005 (in Russian).
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Article NameModernization of Ultrasonic Inspection of RBMK-1000 Reactor Zirconium Channels
AuthorsА.G. Rodygin*1, R.V. Pirozhkov**2, E.A. Tsvelik**3

*«Atommash» the branch of «AEM-technologies» JSC  in Volgodonsk,  Zhukovskoe highway, 10, Volgodonsk, Rostov region, Russia 347360

**Volgodonsk Engineering Technical Institute the branch of National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”, Lenin St., 73/94, Volgodonsk, Rostov region, Russia 347360

1ORCID iD: 0000-0001-6344-4328

WoS Researcher ID: AAT-9674-2020

e-mail: andrii.rodygin@yandex.ru

2ORCID iD: 0000-0002-1547-6568

WoS Researcher ID: AAD-3193-2020

e-mail: roman-3.14@yandex.ru

3ORCID iD: 0000-0001-9048-275X

WoS Researcher ID: G-3560-2018

e-mail: stvelik@mail.ru

AbstractThe paper considers the modernization of the SK-26 ultrasonic control machine used for monitoring welded joints of zirconium channels in the nuclear power industry. Proposed changes in the design of the machine and positioning system of the machine on the plateau will lead to a significant reduction in treatment time control and greater operator safety during operation.
Keywordsflaw detector, ultrasonic inspection, defect, process channel, safety
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    (in Russian).
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Operation of nuclear industry facilities

Article NameEvaluation of Reliability Indicators of Units of Unified Set of Technical Means at Nuclear Power Plants Using Information About Failures and Defects
AuthorsSamokhin D.S.1, Alslman M.A.2

National Research Nuclear University «MEPhI», Kashirskoye shosse, 31, Moscow, Russia 115409

1e-mail: DSSamokhin@mephi.ru

2ORCID iD: 0000-0002-7971-2507

e-mail: moh.salman85@gmail.com

AbstractThe article deals with the method of analyzing statistical data on failures to assess the reliability of units of the Unified Set of Technical Means (UCTM) at the Balakovo NPP. The calculations are carried out under a conservative assumption due to the lack of some data in the defect log. The analysis of the obtained data concerned the case of zero failures of some blocks during the observation period. The results show that these blocks are quite reliable to continue their operation.
Keywordsreliability, mean time to failure, failure rate, probability of failure-free operation, defect log, conservative assumption, Unified Set of Technical Means, safety, time to failure
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    2015. 30 p.
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Article NameAnalysis of Hydraulic Circuit of Power Plants with Internal Combustion Engines
AuthorsA.V. Razuvaev

Balakovo Engineering and Technological Institute the branch of NRNU MEPhI, Chapaev st., 140,
Balakovo, Russia 413850

ORCID iD: 0000-0002-4593-0653

e-mail: AVRazuvaev1@mephi.ru

AbstractThe work examines the hydraulic circuit of the cooling system of power plants of various purposes on the basis of the internal combustion engines. Experimental data are provided to ensure the necessary high pressure in the high-temperature cooling system at the exit of the internal combustion engines. The results of the stand tests are analysed and some recommendations have been proposed for their use to improve the efficiency of the power plant itself by improving its operational efficiency
Keywordshigh-temperature cooling of the internal combustion engine, expansion tank, internal combustion engine cooling system, operational economy of power plants
  1. Razuvayev A.V. Porshnevyye dvigateli vnutrennego sgoraniya s vysokotemperaturnym okhlazhdeniyem [Piston Internal Combustion Engines with High-Temperature Cooling]. Saratov: Saratovskiy gosudarstvennyy tekhnicheskiy universitet. [Saratov: Saratov State Technical University]. 2001. 128 p.
  2. Razuvayev A.V., Razuvaeva E.A., Sokolova E.A. Povysheniye effektivnosti energeticheskikh ustanovok [Improving the Efficiency of Power Plants]. Vestnik Saratovskogo gosudarstvennogo tekhnicheskogo universiteta [Bulletin of the Saratov State Technical University]. № 3. 2010. P. 150-159.
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    Razuvayev A.V. – № 2018114884; zayavl. 18.09.2017; opubl. 17.04.2019 [Patent 2685220 Russian Federation, IPC G21C 15/00 (2006/01). The Device of the First Circuit of a Dual-Circuit Nuclear Power Plant: Applicant and Patent Holder A. Razuvaev. No. 2018114884; declared 09/18/2017; publ. 04/17/2019 Bull. No. 11, Razuvaev A.V. 6 p.] (in Russian).
  7. Petrov A.G. Analiticheskaya gidrodinamika: Ideal'naya neszhimayemaya zhidkost' [Analytical Hydrodynamics: Ideal Incompressible Fluid]. Moskva: Lenand [Moscow: Lenand]. 2017. 368 c.
    (in Russian).
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Article NameMethods for Controlling Carbonate Deposits on Heat Exchange Equipment in Nuclear Power Industry
AuthorsM.N. Galanova1, E.R. Bartel2, N.V. Bogush3

Rostov nuclear power plant, Volgodonsk, Rostov region, Russia 347360

1ORCID iD: 0000-0003-3064-2883

e-mail: mashoolka@yandex.ru

2e-mail: mr.bartel@yandex.ru

3e-mail: bogush-nv@vdnpp.rosenergoatom.ru

AbstractAll heat exchange equipment of nuclear power plants is subject to carbonate deposits, and especially strongly the one in which water circulates from the cooling pond. The appearance of contamination on the surface of the heat exchange leads to various consequences from a slight deterioration of heat transfer to premature wear of equipment. Increasing the thickness of contamination in heat exchangers at nuclear power plants also leads to losses of electrical power, and this is a direct economic loss. As a result, the problem of controlling carbonate deposits is very urgent and does not have a universal solution at present. The paper shows how heat exchange worsens in one month if no measures are taken. However, existing cleaning methods do not give 100% results and have their own disadvantages. This paper highlights the methods used for cleaning deposits, considers ways to increase their efficiency, and presents new ideas that were not previously used at nuclear power plants (including the Rostov NPP). These include increasing the efficiency of the ball cleaning system, reducing the salt content of the cooling reservoir, ultrasonic cleaning, and last of all, water magnetization. Their advantages over the existing ones are that cleaning is carried out during operation, there is no large waste for disposal, there is no probability of damage to the tubes, and they can be performed by the personnel of the nuclear power plant, which is less time and financial costs. The proposed ways are completely different, but they work for the same end goal, that is, to reduce pollution, reduce energy underutilization and eliminate lost profits
Keywordscarbonate deposits, heat exchange surface, undertreatment, injector, ball cleaning system, turbo generator gas cooling system, ultrasonic cleaning, water magnetization, nuclear power plant
  1. IE.3.GT.26.03 Instruktsiya po ekspluatatsii sistemy gazookhlazhdeniya turbogeneratora. Vnutrenniy dokument Rostovskoy AES [Operating Instructions for the Gas Cooling System of the Turbo Generator. Internal document of Rostov NPP] (in Russian).
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    (in Russian).
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Article NameA Systematic Approach to Evaluating Corrective Actions to Create Safety Culture in Nuclear Industry
AuthorsV.A. Rudenko*1, V.D. Ozhereliev**2, Yu. A. Evdoshkina*3, O.F. Tsuverkalova*4, A.N. Setrakov***5

*Volgodonsk Engineering Technical Institute the branch of National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”, Lenin St., 73/94, Volgodonsk, Rostov region, Russia 347360

**Rostov nuclear power plant, Volgodonsk, Rostov region, Russia 347360

***Volgodonsk Branch of The Federal State State Educational Institution of Higher Education "Rostov Law Institute of Internal Affairs Ministry of Russian Federation", Stepnaya St., 40, Volgodonsk, Rostov region, Russia 347360

1ORCID iD: 0000-0002-6698-5469

WoS Researcher ID: B-7730-2016

e-mail: VARudenko@mephi.ru

2ORCID iD: 0000-0002-8188-6696

e-mail: victorozhereliev@yandex.ru

3ORCID iD: 0000-0002-6704-0643

WoS Researcher ID: G-8379-2017

e-mail: YAEvdoshkina@mephi.ru

4ORCID iD: 0000-0001-6304-4498

WoS Researcher ID: J-8183-2016

e-mail: OFTsuverkalova@mephi.ru

5ORCID iD: 0000-0001-5599-440X

WoS Researcher ID: AAP-73782020

e-mail: aleksandr-maior@inbox.ru


AbstractThis article examines the role of safety culture and the direction of its formation to ensure the efficiency of the nuclear industry enterprises. There are two main categories to be analyzed – consciousness and self-control, it analyses their interrelation, mutual influence. We use a non-standard approach for this problem – the method of analyzing hierarchies. As a result of the calculations, a matrix of global priorities is constructed, which allows us to rank by significance activities aimed at overcoming destructive factors. The most significant event is considered to be the constant expansion of the information field. The results obtained should form the basis of a strategy for creating and improving the level of safety culture at nuclear power plants as the riskiest industrial facilities.
Keywordssafety culture, self-awareness, self-control, nuclear power, hierarchy analysis method
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    № 7(209). P. 35-40 (in Russian). 
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Article NameLanguage Competence Formation Among VETI NRNU MEPhI Students in the View of State Corporation «Rosatom» Export-Oriented Policy
AuthorsI.V. Zarochintseva1, L.V. Zakharova2, Yu.A. Lupinogina3, N.V. Bunames4, E.V. Kolesnikova5

Volgodonsk Engineering Technical Institute the branch of National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”, Lenin St., 73/94, Volgodonsk, Rostov region, Russia 347360

1ORCID iD: 0000-0001-6412-8714

WoS Researcher ID: M-3835-2018

e-mail: michael.mus.2000@mail.ru

2ORCID iD: 0000-0003-1496-3935

WoS Researcher ID: M-3905-2018

e-mail: zakharova11@mail.ru

3ORCID iD: 0000-0002-4327-1172

WoS Researcher ID: M-3826-2018

4ORCID iD:0000-0001-7957-694X  

WoS Researcher ID: E-4506-2015

e-mail: bunames@bk.ru

5ORCID iD:0000-0001-8073-7472

WoS Researcher ID: Е-4506-2015

e-mail: www.lenusikmix@mail.ru

AbstractThe paper is devoted to the formation of language competence within the framework of a communication-oriented approach in the light of the requirements of the State Atomic Energy Corporation «Rosatom». The paper discusses a competence-based approach that focuses on the organization of educational and cognitive activities. It presents the experience of using modern communication technologies, Internet resources, online services. The ways of improving the learning process are proposed. The competencies acquired as a result of learning a foreign language are considered.
Keywordscommunicative competencies, competence-based approach, communication-oriented approach.
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  3. Zakharova L.V., Zarochintseva I.V., Gunina L.A., Lupinogina Yu.А. Social Adaptability Features of Technical University Students in Polycultural Environments (on the Example of Working with Foreign Students within the Work Practice in the Resource Center on the Basis of Rosatom Enterprises). Global Nuclear Safety. 2018. No. 2 (27). Р. 98-106 (in Russian).
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Article NameFormation of Relational Strategy as Economic Security Factor of t Nuclear Industry Enterprises (on the Example of Machine-Building Enterprises in Volgodonsk)
AuthorsM.V. Golovko*1, A.N. Setrakov**2, J.S. Rogacheva***3, A.V. Antsibor***4

* Non-state accredited non-profit private educational institution of higher education “Academy of Marketing and Social and Information Technologies – IMSITZipovskaya St.5, Southern Federal District, Krasnodar Region, Krasnodar, Russia 350010

**Volgodonsk Branch of The Federal State State Educational Institution of Higher Education "Rostov Law Institute of Internal Affairs Ministry of Russian Federation", Stepnaya St., 40, Volgodonsk, Rostov region, Russia 347360

***Volgodonsk Engineering Technical Institute the branch of National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”, Lenin St., 73/94, Volgodonsk, Rostov region, Russia 347360

1ORCID iD: 0000-0002-4835-9800

WoS Researcher ID: J-2461-2016

e-mail: MVGolovko@mephi.ru

2ORCID iD: 0000-0001-5599-440X

WoS Researcher ID: AAP-73782020

e-mail: aleksandr-maior@inbox.ru

3ORCID iD: 0000-0002-3363-2691

e-mail: ZSRogacheva@mephi.ru

4ORCID iD: 0000-0002-1192-4554

WoS Researcher ID: K-6051-2018

e-mail: AVAntsibor@mephi.ru

AbstractThe paper discusses the benefits of developing and implementing a relational strategy in industrial enterprises. The authors interpret the report as «co-competition» necessary in modern conditions. This makes it possible to achieve long-term benefits both for economic entities experiencing a shortage of any type of resources, and for those who hold a fairly stable position in the market. Some results of approbation of the author's methodology are presented on the example of enterprises in Volgodonsk that manufacture products for the power engineering industry but are not part of the «Rosatom» State Corporation
Keywordsrelational strategy, industrial enterprises, nuclear industry, economic efficiency, alliance, co-competition
  1. Rokhchin V.Ye., Vetrova Ye.N., Polyanskiy A.V.; pod red. A.Ye. Karlika Upravleniye strategicheskoy konkurentosposobnost'yu promyshlennogo predpriyatiya na osnove razvitiya yego potentsiala [Management of Strategic Competitiveness of Industrial Enterprise Based on the Development of its Potential]. Sankt-Peterburg: Izdatel'stvo SPbGUEF [St. Petersburg: SPbGUEF Publishing House]. 2012. 262 p. (in Russian).
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