Nuclear, radiation and environmental safety

Article NameEstimation of Spectrometric and Radiometric Characteristics of Alpha-Emissioning Radionuclides of Plutonium and their Influence on AMAD
AuthorsYouesf N. Husein*, D.A. Pripachkin**, A.K. Budyka***

National Research Nuclear University «MEPhI»,
Kashirskoye shosse, 31, Moscow, Russia 115409

*ORCID: 0000-0002-1247-054X
WoS Researcher ID:
E-mail: yousefhusein@yahoo.com;

**ORCID: 0000-0002-5672-1515
WoS Researcher ID: M-0730-2010
E-mail: dmrwer@mail.ru;

***ORCID: 0000-0001-8314-842X
WoS Researcher ID: G-1786-2013
E-mail: AKBudyka@rosatom.ru

AbstractThis article is proposed to consider using a new experimental stand for determining the volumetric activity and AMAD of α-particles. It is proposed to evaluate the spectrometric and radiometric characteristics of the α-emitting Radionuclides plutonium and to determine their influence on the value of AMAD. The work compares the calculated values of the activity of plutonium isotopes in a special aerosol sources, obtained using the experimental stand and others such as МКS-01А and UMF-2000. The paper estimates the relative error in the determination of AMAD using experimental stand.
Keywordsradioactive aerosol, inertial separator, deposition efficiency, aerodynamic diameter, AMAD, volume activity, MKS-01A, UMF-2000, α-radiation

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Article NamePerovskite Matrix Form by Using SHS Technology for Immobilization HLW
AuthorsYingyi Jiang

National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University, Institute of Physics Lenin St., 2, Tomsk region, Russia 634050

AbstractSynroc is recognized as the second generation waste form for the disposal of high-level radioactive waste (HLW). In this research, one of the mostly studied Synroc minerals, perovskite (CaTiO3 ), was prepared by self-propagating high-temperature synthesis (SHS). Nd2O3 and Al2O3 were employed as the oxidants with Ni as the reductant. Perovskite was successfully synthesized. The as-synthesized samples were readily solidi-fied with desirable density and Vickers hardness.
KeywordsSHS technology, perovskite matrix form, CaTiO3, high level radioactive waste

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Article NameDefinition of Soil Pollution by Missile Fuel with the Help of Test-objects
AuthorsM.E. Baranov

Reshetnev Siberian State University of Science and Technologies
31, Krasnoyarsky Rabochy Av., Krasnoyarsk, Russia, 660037
e-mail: me_baranov@mail.ru

AbstractNowadays there are many ways to determine the chemical contamination of the soil. The most common and universal method is considered to be biotesting. The use of different methods of biotesting makes it possible to obtain fairly accurate results. The object of the study was the soil cover on the object of missile operation. An unfavorable environmental situation which was reflected in the preservation of a high level of phytotoxicity took place in Emelyanovsky district, Krasnoyarsk territory after the liquidation of the military unit due to the hit in the soil of a large number of components of rocket fuel (KRT). Today the territory of the military unit is unattended, special structures are destroyed. There are visible oily stains on the soil, there is a specific smell. According to testimony from military chemical reconnaissance device (VPHR) the presence in the soil KRT 0.001 mg/l, which corresponds to the level of "Danger" was established. In this regard, it is necessary to monitor the chemically contaminated soil, identify environmentally unfavorable zones, assess the possibility of soil use in forestry. For the experiment we selected 10 samples from different sites located at a certain distance from each other and covering the area close to technical facilities, as well as two control samples in the removal of three and five kilometers from the object of study. The objective of the study is to identify soil pollution, to assess the impact of KRT on biological objects. In this regard it is necessary to determine the effect of chemical contamination on the test objects: pine ordinary Pinus sylvestris L. and cress lettuce Lepidium sativum L. conduct statistical processing of the experimental data to minimize the area to be recultivated.
Keywordssoil, chemical pollution, rocket fuel, biotesting

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Article NameResearch of the Protection System Effectiveness for a Mobile Nuclear and Radiation Hazardous Facility
AuthorsO.A. Gubeladze*1, A.R. Gubeladze**2, S.M. Burdakov*3

* Volgodonsk Engineering Technical Institute the branch of National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”,
Lenin St., 73/94, Volgodonsk, Rostov region, Russia 347360

** Don State Technical University
Gagarin square 1, Rostov-on-Don, Russia, 344000

 1e-mail: buba26021966@yandex.ru
WoS ResearcherID:
2e-mail: buba26021966@yandex.ru
WoS ResearcherID:
F-7215-2017 ;
3 e-mail: SMBurdakov@mephi.ru
ORCID iD: 0000-0002-8599-6008
 WoS ResearcherID: F-6903-2017

AbstractTransportation is one of the most dangerous processes at the stage of operation of nuclear and radiation hazardous facilities especially in the context of the possible impact of terrorist subversive groups. The aim of the work is to develop an approach to research the effectiveness of prospective system units for the protection of mobile nuclear and radiation hazardous facilities both at the site and during the route.
Keywordsnuclear terrorism, security system, nuclear power plants, mobile unit with a nuclear installation, transport and packaging kit

[1] Meskhi B.Ch., Denisov O.V., Gubeladze O.A. Pozharnaya bezopasnost' yaderno- i radiatsionnoopasnykh ob’ektov. [Fire Safety of Nuclear and Radiation Hazardous Objects]. Rostov-on-Don. Pub. Don State technical university [Publishing center Don State technical university], 2014, 162 p. (in Russian)

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[3] Abchuk V.A., Matvejchuk F.A., Tomashevskij L.P. Spravochnik po issledovaniju operacij [Reference Book on Research of Operations]. M. Pub. "Voenizdat" [literature publishing house], 1979, 368 p. (in Russian)

[4] Sakhabudinov R.V., Gubeladze O.A. Nauchno-metodicheskie osnovy obespecheniya fizicheskoy zashchity yadernoopasnykh ob’ektov [Scientific and Methodical Bases of Ensuring Physical Protection of Nuclear-Dangerous Objects]. Rostov-on-Don. "LLC Terra " [Limited liability company “Terra”], 2006, 153 p. (in Russian)

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[7] Ushakov, I.B., Davydov B.I., Zuev V.G. Chelovecheskij faktor v sisteme bezopasnosti jadernogo oruzhija i jaderno-jenergeticheskih ustanovok [Human Factor in Security System of Nuclear Weapon and Nuclear Power Stations]. Military and theoretical magazine "Voyennaya Mysl", 2003, № 9. pp. 25–29. (in Russian)

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[9] Gubeladze, O.A., Sahabudinov R.V., Goncharov R.A. Obosnovanie vybora varianta voennoj sistemy [Justification of the Choice of Military System Option] [Collection of materials of the international scientifically practical conference]. Rostov-on-Don. Pub. "Rostov legal institute of the ministry of internal affairs of the Russian federation " [Publishing center Rostov legal institute of the ministry of internal affairs of the Russian federation], 2006. pp. 96–99. (in Russian)

[10] Gubeladze O.A., Goncharov R.A. Organizacionnye meroprijatija po sovershenstvovaniju fizicheskoj zashhity jadernoopasnyh ob’ektov pozicionnogo rajona. Sb. nauchnyh trudov. «Problemy obespechenija bezopasnost» Tom. 4. [Organizational Actions for Physical Protection Improvement of Nuclear Dangerous Objects of the Position Area. Paper scientific works. "Safety Problems" Vol. 4.] M. Pub. "Military academy of the Strategic Missile Troops" [Publishing center Military academy of the Strategic Missile Troops], 2008, pp. 62–68. (in Russian)

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Design, manufacturing and commissioning of nuclear industry equipment

Article NameOrbital Hybrid Laser-arc Welding Using a High-power Fibre Laser for Pipeline Construction
AuthorsS.E. Gook*1, A.V. Gumenyuk*,**2, Michael Rethmeier*,**,***3

* Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology, Pascalstraße 8-9, 10587 Berlin, Germany
1 ORCID: 0000-0002-4350-3850
WoS ResearcherID:
e-mail: sergej.gook@ipk.fraunhofer.de ;

2e-mail: andrey.gumenyuk@bam.de
** Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, Unter den Eichen 87, 12205 Berlin, Germany
*** Technische Universität Berlin, Straße des 17. Juni 135, 10623 Berlin, Germany
3 ORCID: 0000-0001-8123-6696
WoS ResearcherID:

AbstractRecently developed fibre lasers provide multi-kilowatt beam power with high quality at impressive energy efficiency. Combined with gas metal arc welding (GMAW) equipment these lasers can be used in a hybrid process to weld thick-walled constructions single-pass, that are currently welded using multi-pass techniques. The main benefits are a reduction of heat induced distortions, due to the low heat input, as well as savings in filler material and process time. Probable applications can be found in power generation, ship building and pipeline constructions. An orbital (girth) laser-hybrid process using a 20 kW fibre laser and a GMAW torch is currently examined at the BAM, Berlin. The aim of this research is to obtain a stable and crack free girth welding process and to demonstrate its application in pipeline construction. The experiments are carried out on 16 mm thick plates as well pipe rings with 36" (914 mm) pipe diameter of X65. Particular welding parameters, such as welding speed, GMAW power, arc length are varied and their influence on the appearance of the weld in the different welding positions is analyzed. Even though issues remain that demand further research it could already be shown that the rings can be welded using a girth hybrid process that is divided into two half girth processes in downward direction.
Keywordshigh-power fibre laser, pipeline, laser-hybrid welding, thick plates

[1] Nakamura S., Ikuno Y., Maeda T., Furukawa Y., Kodama S.: Automatic control technology of welding machine MAG-II for onshore pipelines. Nippon Steel Technical Report (2005) H. 92, S. 51-55. (in English)

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[9] Gook S., Gumenyuk A., Stelling K., Lammers M., Rethmeier M.: Schweißen im Dickblechbereich mit einem 20 kW-Faserlaser. DVS-Berichte Bd. 250, DVS-Verlag, Düsseldorf, 2008, pp. 264-270. (in German)

[10]        Rethmeier M., Gook S., Lammers M., and Gumenyuk A.:  Laser-Hybrid Welding of Thick Plates up to 32 mm Using a 20 kW Fibre Laser. Proceedings of the 8th International Welding Symposium - Innovations in Welding and Joining for a New Era in Manufacturing. Japan Welding Society. LW-11, 2008, p. 43. (in English)

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Article NameProvision of Transport Frame Strength for Hydraulic Sharing Equipment Delivery to Eliminate Dangerous Goods Accident Consequences
AuthorsYu.Yu. Lushina *, O.Yu. Zhabunina **, A.E. Kipkaev **, N.Yu. Parshukova*

* Snezhinsk Physics and Technology Institute of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI
Komsomolskaya street, 8, Snezhinsk, Chelyabinsk region, Russia 456776
** Russian Federal Nuclear Center – Zababakhin All-Russia Research Institute of Technical Physics
Vasilyev street, 13, Snezhinsk, Chelyabinsk region, Russia 456770
e-mail: p.i.e@yandex.ru

AbstractThe article considers the provision of safety and integrity when transporting hydraulic sharing equipment by road and rail to the place of dangerous goods accident consequences elimination. It is offered to strengthen the existing kinds of fastenings through the use of the engineered transport frame to ensure the equipment transportation reliability. The substantiation of the strength and reliability of the frame is given analytically and numerically. Strength analysis of frame construction is performed in the program of finite element analysis in the conditions of transport sinusoidal loadings. The calculation results show that the proposed transport frame design meets all normative requirements of safety.
Keywordsdangerous goods, transportation, hydraulic sharing equipment, the generating module, the pump module, fastening elements, strength, reliability

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Papers58 - 67
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Article NameThe Utilization of Unified Modeling Language to Realize the Welding Process Mathematical Modeling Calculations in Multimedia MAW Simulator
AuthorsV.V. Krivin*, V.A. Tolstov**, I.O. Ishigov***

Volgodonsk Engineering Technical Institute the branch of National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”,
Lenin St., 73/94, Volgodonsk, Rostov region, Russia 347360

*ORCID: 0000-0003-0903-0786
WoS ResearcherID: E-2267-2018
vvkrivin@mephi.ru ;
**ORCID: 0000-0001-7144-5195
WoS ResearcherID: F-1032-2017
v-tolstov-2017@mail.ru ;
***ORCID: 0000-0002-5829-6989
WoS ResearcherID: E-2448-2018

AbstractThe article deals with computer program development to realize the complex of mathematical models for real-time calculations of virtual welding parameters and virtual welding joint geometric properties. The representation of each model of complex as unified modeling language diagram, this modern support tool for computer program development, is shown. The development based on it causes the result as programs for visualization of welding joint and other purposes.
Keywordsmathematical modeling, welding process, thermal model, finite element method, engineering of computer program, manual arc welding simulator, unified modeling language, use case diagram, class diagram, activity diagram, visualization
  1. Krivin V.V., Vinichenko M.Y., Tolstov V.A. Model’ sterzhnevyh konechnyh elementov dlya teplovogo raschyota virtualnogo svarnogo shva [The model of rod finite elements for thermal calculation of the virtual welding joint] [Actual Problems of Development of Modern Science, Engineering and Technology : Materials of the IV vseros. science-practical conference. (Moscow, 2011, April, 27-29)], 2011, ISBN 978-5-903967-35-3, pp. 83–94. (in Russian)
  2. Krivin V.V., Vinichenko S.M., Tolstov V.A. etc. Modelirovanie signalov parametrov virtualnogo svarochogo processa [Modeling of parametric signals of virtual welding process]. Vestnik natsionalnogo issledovatel'skogo yadernogo universiteta «MIFI» [Bulletin of the National Research Nuclear University "MEPhI"], 2014, Vol.3, №1, ISSN 2304-487X, pp. 53–57. (in Russian)
  3. Samuilov S.V. Obektno-orintirovannoe modelirovanie na osnove UML [UML-based object-oriented modeling]. Vuzovskoe obrazovanie [Univercity education], 2016, 37 p. Available at: http://www.iprbookshop.ru/47277 (in Russian)
  4. Malysheva E.N. Proektirovanie informatsionnyh system. Razdel 5. Indusrtial’noe proektirovanie informacionnyh system. Ob’ektno-orientirovannaya Case-tehnologiya proektirovaniya informacionnyh system [The development of information systems. Chapter 5. The industrial development of information systems. The object-oriented Case-technology for development of information systems]. Kemerovo. Kemerovo State University of Culture and Art, 2009, 70 p. Available at: http://www.iprbookshop.ru/22067 (in Russian)
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  7. Sysoev Y.S., Krivin V.V., Tolstov V.A. Modelirovanie plavleniya electroda pri razrabotke komputernyh 3D-trenazhorov dlya obucheniya ruchnoi dugovoi svarke [The modeling of node molding during development of 3D computerized simalators for manual arc welding training]. Svarochnoe proizvodstvo [Welding production], 2017, №10, ISSN 0491-6441, pp. 12–17. (in Russian)
  8. Vinichenko M.Y., Ishigov I.O., Krivin V.V. etc. Utochnyonnaya matamaticheskaya model svarnogo shva dlya multimediynogo trenazhora svarschika [The refined welding joint model for multimedia training system]. Svarochnoe proizvodstvo [Welding production], 2015, №11, ISSN 0491-6441, pp. 17–20. (in Russian)
  9. Krivin V.V., Vinichenko M.Y., Tolstov V.A. Raschyot parametrov virtual’nogo svarnogo shva v trenazhore svarschika [The calculation of virtual welding joint in multimedia training system] [Nuclear power plant safety and personnel training : Materials of the XII International conference. (Obninsk, 2011, 4-7 of April)], 2011, pp. 110–112. (in Russian)
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Article NameInformation System for Decision Support in the Management of Social and Economic Systems in the Nuclear Facility Territories
AuthorsV.M. Kureichik*1, E.A. Tsvelik**2, R.V. Pirozhkov**3

* South Federal University,
105/42 Bolshaya Sadovaya Str., Rostov-on-Don, Russia, 344006

1e-mail: vmkureychik@sfedu.ru
** Volgodonsk Engineering-Technical Institute – Branch of NRNU «MEPhI»,
Lenina street, 73/94, Volgodonsk, Russia 347360

2e-mail: stvelik@mail.ru ;
3e-mail: roman-3.14@yandex.ru

AbstractThe task of ensuring the development of the territories for the placement of nuclear facilities consists of two stages: the task of assessing the state, the quality of the functioning of individual systems and areas of these territories and the stage of selecting the control impact that will improve the assessed parameters and increase the efficiency of these systems. This paper proposes an information system (IS) that supports the control action selection based on fuzzy complex estimates of system parameters. IP is based on the integration of fuzzy control systems and the procedure for determining the integral indicators of the system functioning of particular criteria linguistic estimates.
Keywordsdecision support systems, fuzzy sets, fuzzy inference systems, complex systems estimation, expert linguistic estimates

[1] Isaev V.V., Nemchin A.M. Obshhaya teoriya socialno-ekonomicheskih sistem: uchebnoe posobie [General Theory of Socio-Economic Systems: Textbook]. Sankt-Peterburg, 2002, 176 p. (in Russian)

[2] Modeli i metody podderzhki prinyatiya reshenij. Pod redakciej E.M. Suhareva [Models and Methods for Supporting Decision-Making. Edited by E.M. Sukharev]. M., 2010, 192 p. (in Russian)

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[4] Orlovskij S.A. etc. Problemy prinyatiya resheniya pri nechetkoj isxodnoj informacii [Decision Problems with Fuzzy Source Information]. M. Pub. Nauka [Science], 1981, 208 p. (in Russian)

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[8] Nechetkie mnozhestva v modelyah upravleniya i iskusstvennogo intellekta [Fuzzy Sets in Control Models and Artificial Intelligence]. Pod redakciej D.A. Pospelova [Edited byD.A. Pospelov]. M., 1986, 312 p. (in Russian)

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[11] Sil'nova S.V., Polyudova G.R., Puzyrnikova E.A. Podderzhka prinyatiya reshenij pri upravlenii predpriyatiem na osnove nechetkih modelej [Support for Decision-Making in Enterprise Management Based on Fuzzy Models]. Vestnik kompyuternyh  informacionnyh texnologij [Computer Information Technology Reporter],  2009,  №11, pp. 33–41. (in Russian)

[12]  Sinyuk V.G., Polyakov V.M., Kuzubova A.A. Algoritm postroeniya ierarxicheskix sistem nechetkogo vyvoda Takagi-Sugeno [Algorithm for Constructing Hierarchical Systems of Fuzzy Inference Takagi-Sugeno]. Trinadcataya nacional'naya konferenciya po iskusstvennomu intellektu s mezhdunarodnym uchastiem KII – 2012 (16-20 oktyabrya 2012 g., Belgorod, Rossiya) [Thirteenth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence with International Participation KII - 2012 (October 16-20, 2012, Belgorod, Russia)]. V 4-x tomah [4 Volumes]. Vol. 2. Belgorod, 2012, pp. 247–253. (in Russian)

[13]  Sumarokova N.N., Istomin A.L. Sistema podderzhki prinyatiya reshenij pri planirovanii priema studentov [Decision Support System for Planning the Admission of Students to the University]. Vestnik irkutskogo gosudarstvennogo tehnicheskogo universiteta [The Bulletin of the Irkutsk State Technical University], 2013, №1(72), pp. 17–24. (in Russian)

[14] Shtovba S.D. Proektirovanie nechetkih sistem sredstvami MATLAB [Designing Fuzzy Systems Using MATLAB]. M., 2007,  288 p. (in Russian)

[15] Shtovba S.D. Vvedenie v teoriyu nechetkix mnozhestv i nechetkuyu logiku [Introduction to the Theory of Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic]. Available at: http:// matlab.exponenta.ru/fuzzylogic/book1/4_6.php (in Russian)

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Article NameOptimizing the Neutronic Parameters for VVER-1200 Reactor Core Using WIMS-ANLS Code
AuthorsYubin Xu

National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University, Institute of Physics
Lenin St., 2, Tomsk region, Russia 634050
e-mail: 512685424@qq.com

AbstractIn this paper, the WIMS-ANL is used to obtain different keff values and maximum keff values by varying the size of the cooling sink of the fuel assembly of the reactor (VVER-1200) and the fuel UO2 concentration (1 to 30%).
KeywordsVVER-1200, WIMS-ANL; lattice cell, fuel assembly, neutronic characteristics, reactivity, effective multiplication factor, reactivity

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Operation of nuclear industry facilities

Article NameInstallation of Long-Dimensionalradioactive Waste Fragmentation on the First Blocks of the Belayarsk NPP
AuthorsО.А. Yarmolenko*1, N.N. Ufaev*2, А.I. Berela**3, S.А. Tomilin**4, A.G. Fedotov**5

* "Dollezhal Scientific Research and Design Institute of Power Engineering» Joint Stock Company
1 e-mail: yarmolenko@nikiet.ru ;
2 e-mail: unik@nikiet.ru
** Volgodonsk Engineering Technical Institute the branch of National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”,
}Lenin St., 73/94, Volgodonsk, Rostov region, Russia 347360

3 e-mail: berelaleks@yandex.ru
4 ORCID iD: 0000-0001-8661-8386
WoS ResearcherID: G-3465-2017
e-mail: SATomilin@mephi.ru ;

4 e-mail: AGFedotov@mephi.ru

AbstractThe paper presents original installation design and the technology of long-term radioactive operational waste used fragmentation for preparing the Beloyarsk NPP first unit decommissioning with observance of the radiation safety conditions. Installation is mounted, tested and accepted for trial operation.
Keywordslong-term radioactive waste, fragmentation, containment, radiation safety, technological mine, hoist, pneumatic cylinder, saber saw

[1] Yarmolenko O.A. etc. Texnologii obrashheniya s RAO, v tom chisle dlinnomernymi i soderzhashhimi prosypi OYaT, pri vyvode iz e'kspluatacii yaderno- i radiacionno-opasnyx objektov [Technologies of Radioactive Waste Handling Including Long-Range and Containing SNF Spills when Decommissioning Nuclear and Radiation Hazardous Facilities]. Bezopasnost yadernyh texnologij: pravovoe i kadrovoe obespechenie innovacionnogo razvitiya atomnoj otrasli : sbornik dokladov 26-30 sentyabrya 2011 goda [Safety of Nuclear Technologies: Legal and Personnel Support of Nuclear Industry Innovative Development: a collection of reports, September 26-30. 2011]. Sankt-Peterburg, 2011. pp. 145–153. (in Russian)

[2] Berela A.I., Fedotov A.G., Tomilin S.A., Bylkin B.K. Razrabotka texnologicheskix processov demontazha oborudovaniya pri vyvode iz e'kspluatacii atomnyx stancij [Development of Technological Processes for Dismantling Equipment during Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning]. Inzhenernyj vestnik Dona [Don Engineering Reporter], 2013, №2(25). Available at: ivdon.ru/ru/magazine/archive/n2y2013/1734 (in Russian)

[3] Berela A.I., Fedotov A.G., Tomilin S.A. Texnologicheskoe oborudovanie, primenyaemoe v rabotax po vyvodu iz e'kspluatacii blokov AES [Technological Equipment Used in the Decommissioning of NPP Units]. Globalnaya yadernaya bezopasnost [Global nuclear safety], 2013, №1(6), pp. 58–66. (in Russian)

[4] Berela A.I., Bylkin B.K., Tomilin S.A., Fedotov A.G. Adaptaciya texnologii demontazha oborudovaniya vyvodimyh iz ekspluatacii blokov AES k trebovaniyam radiacionnoj bezopasnosti [Adaptation of Dismantling Equipment Technology  of Decommissioned NPP Units to Radiation Safety Requirements]. Inzhenernyj vestnik Dona [Don Engineering Reporter], 2014, Vol. 29, №2. Available at: ivdon.ru/magazine/archive/n2y2014/2416 (in Russian)

[5] Tomilin S.A., Berela A.I., Podrezov N.N., Fedotov A.G. Osobennosti proektirovaniya demontazha oborudovaniya blokov atomnyx stancij s uchetom normativnogo regulirovaniya ix vyvoda iz ekspluatacii [Features of Designing the Dismantling of Nuclear Power Plant Equipment Taking into Account the Regulatory Regulation of their Decommissioning]. Globalnaya yadernaya bezopasnost [Global nuclear safety], 2017, №1(22), pp. 59–67. (in Russian)

[6] Romenkov A.A., Tuktarov M.A., Ufaev N.N. Kompleks po razdelke i kondicionirovaniyu dlinnomernyx RAO 1-j ocheredi Beloyarskoj AES [Complex for Cutting and Conditioning Long-Length Radwaste of the Beloyarsk NPP First Units]. Godovoj otchet OAO «NIKIET» ["SRDIPE" OJSC annual report], 2009. (in Russian)

[7] Ustanovka dlya peremeshheniya i razdelki na fragmenty penalov s obluchennym grafitom uran-grafitovyx atomnyx reaktorov : patent 2349977 Rossijskaya Federaciya : MPK G21S 19/26 / E'tingen A.A., Berela A.I., E'tingen Yu.A., Romenkov A.A., Yarmolenko O.A., Tuktarov M.A. – №2007115265; zayavleno 23.04.2007; opublikovano 20.03.2009, Byulleten №8 [Installation for Moving and Cutting into Pieces of Canisters with Irradiated Graphite of Uranium-Graphite Atomic Reactors: Patent 2349977 Russian Federation: IPC G21C 19/26 / Etingen AA, Berela AI, Etingen Yu.A., Romenkov A. A ., Yarmolenko OA, Tuktarov MA - No. 2007115265; applied April 23, 2007; publ. 20.03.2009, Bul. №8.]. (in Russian)

[8] Romenkov A.A., Tuktarov M.A., Ufaev N.N. etc. Modernizaciya eksperimental'noj ustanovki fragmentacii penalov s grafitom pod rezku dlinnomernyh TRO na BAES [Experimental Installation Modernization of Fragmentation of Canisters with Graphite for Cutting Long-Length SRW at BNPP]. Godovoj otchet OAO «NIKIET» ["SRDIPE" OJSC annual report], 2012. (in Russian)

[9] Ustanovka dlya razdelki dlinnomernyx radioaktivnyx izdelij na fragmenty: patent 2545512 Rossijskaya Federaciya: MPK G21S 19/00 / A.A. Romenkov, O.A. Yarmolenko, S.N. Egorov, A.I. Berela, M.A. Tuktarov, N.N. Ufaev, A.G. Fedotov. №2013151248/07; zayavleno 18.11.2013; opublikovano 10.04.2015, Byulleten №10 [Installation for Cutting Long-Length Radioactive Articles into Fragments: Patent 2545512 Russian Federation: IPC G21C 19/00 / A.A. Romenkov, O.A. Yarmolenko, S.N. Egorov, A.I. Berela, M.A Tuktarov, N.N. Ufaev, A.G. Fedotov. - No. 2013151248/07; applied 11/18/2013; publ. 10.04.2015, Bul. № 10.]. (in Russian)

[10] Berela A.I., Fedotov A.G., Tomilin S.A. Oborudovanie dlya fragmentacii dlinnomernyx radioaktivnyh objektov pri podgotovke k vyvodu iz ekspluatacii blokov pervoj ocheredi Beloyarskoj AES [Equipment for Long-Length Radioactive Object Fragmentation in Preparation for the Beloyarsk NPP First Unit Decommissioning]. Bezopasnost yadernoj energetiki: tezisy dokladov XI Mezhdunarodnoj nauchno-prakticheskoj konferencii 27–29 maya 2015 [Nuclear Power Safety: Abstracts of the XI International Conference. Scientific and Practical Conference May 27-29, 2015]. Volgodonsk, 2015. (in Russian)

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Article NameVariants of Constructive Schemes of Grippers for Lifting Dropped Horizontally Located Fuel Assemblies in the WWER Type Reactor
AuthorsP.D. Kravchenko*, D.N. Fedorenko**

* Volgodonsk Engineering-Technical Institute – Branch of NRNU «MEPhI»,
Lenina street, 73/94, Volgodonsk, Russia 347360
e-mail: MPMkaf@mephi.ru
** “Atomspetsservis” Ltd.
Vosmaya Zavodskaya St., 23,  Volgodonsk, Russia 347469
e-mail: info@acc.bz

AbstractThe paper proposes sketch constructive schemes of grippers for lifting dropped fuel assemblies located horizontally in the WWER type reactor. The variants of automation schemes for the process of capturing fuel assemblies are considered. A base has been created for the improvement of automatic load gripping devices for lifting dropped fuel assemblies.
KeywordsAutomatic load gripping device, lifting, seizure, dropped fuel assemblies, nuclear reactor, NPP

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Article NameReducing Risk of Occurrence and Consequences of Technogenic Catastrophes by Minimizing Human Factor Impact on Reliability and Trouble-Free Operation of Nuclear Power Plants and Other Dangerous Objects
AuthorsM.V. Alyushin

National Research Nuclear University «MEPhI»,
Kashirskoye Shosse, 31, Moscow, Russia 115409
ORCID: 0000-0001-7806-3739
WoS Researcher ID: R-7928-2016

AbstractThe paper presents the results of the main aspects analysis of the human factor influence on the reliability and trouble-free operation of nuclear power plants and other hazardous objects. The need to take into account the influence of this factor while ensuring the reliability of security and transport systems of hazardous facilities, the reliability of operational, control and rescue personnel is shown. Using remote technologies for the current functional and psycho-emotional state of a person monitoring is proposed as a tool of human factor managing.
Keywordshuman factor, technogenic accidents, NPP reliability

[1] Issledovanie vypolneno pri podderzhke granta Rossijskogo nauchnogo fonda (RNF) №16-18-00069 «Snizhenie riska vozniknovenija i umen'shenie posledstvij katastrof tekhnogennogo proiskhozhdenija za schet minimizacii vlijanija chelovecheskogo faktora na nadezhnost i bezavarijnost raboty AEhS i drugikh opasnykh objektov» [The research was carried out with the support of the grant of the Russian Science Foundation (RPF) No. 16-18-00069 "Reducing the risk of occurrence and reducing the consequences of man-made disasters by minimizing the human factor influence on the reliability and trouble-free operation of nuclear power plants and other hazardous facilities."]. (in Russian)

[2] Aliushin M.V., Kolobashkina L.V. Monitoring bioparametrov cheloveka na osnove distantcionnykh tekhnologii [Monitoring of Human Bioparameters Based on Remote Technologies]. Voprosy psikhologii [Psychology Issues], 2014, №6, ISSN 0042-8841, pp. 135–144. (in Russian)

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Article NameExperience and Perspectives of LEAN-Specialist Training on the Basis of Effective Interaction between University and “Rosatom” State Corporation Enterprises
AuthorsV.A. Rudenko*, M.V. Golovko**, I.A. Ukhalina***, S.P. Agapova****, A.V. Antsybor*****, N.A. Efimenko******

Volgodonsk Engineering Technical Institute the branch of National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”,
Lenin St., 73/94, Volgodonsk, Rostov region, Russia 347360
** e-mail: VARudenko@mephi.ru
ORCID: 0000-0002-6698-5469
WoS ResearcherID:B-7730-2016;
** e-mail: MVGolovko@mephi.ru
ORCID: 0000-0002-4835-9800
WoS ResearcherID: J-2461-2016;
*** e-mail: uhalina@yandex.ru
ORCID iD: 0000-0002-1928-7510
WoS ResearcherID: E-3153-2017;
**** e-mail: svetlana-1164@mail.ru
ORCID: 0000-0002-8484-2912
WoS ResearcherID: E-4842-2017;
** e-mail: AVAntsibor@mephi.ru
ORCID: 0000-0002-1192-4554
WoS Researcher ID : K-6051-2018;
e-mail: NAEfimenko@mephi.ru
ORCID iD: 0000-0001-8113-6759
WoS ResearcherID: E-3439-2017

AbstractThe article summarizes the serious experience of interaction between the university and industrial partners. The results of training lean-specialists in accordance with the requirements of employers' enterprises are presented. The paper considers forms in promoting the ideology of "lean production", forming a "thrifty" world outlook among students and enterprise specialists through theoretical and practical oriented training. It substantiates significance of the use of the relevant material and technical base and the direct participation of industrial enterprise specialists. The work determines prospects for further cooperation between the university and enterprises in coordinating of development interests.
Keywordstraining, lean tools, lean manufacturing, “Rosatom” State Corporation, practical oriented training, training programs

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[2] Golovko M.V., Cuverkalova O.F. Innovacionnaya aktivnost kak sostavlyayushhaya innovacionnogo razvitiya ekonomiki regiona [Innovative Activity as a Component of Innovative Development of the Region's Economy]. Ekonomicheskie issledovaniya [Economic research], 2016, №2. Available at: http://cyberleninka.ru/article/n/innovatsionnaya-aktivnost-kak-sostavlyayuschaya-ustoychivogo-razvitiya-ekonomiki-regiona (in Russian)

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[4] Strategiya nauchno-texnologicheskogo razvitiya Rossijskoj Federacii [Strategy of Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation]. Available at: http://sntr-rf.ru/materials/strategiya-nauchno-tekhnologicheskogo-razvitiya-rossiyskoy-federatsii-na-dolgosrochnyy-period/ (in Russian)

[5] Strategicheskie akademicheskie edinicy (SAE) NIYaU MIFI [Strategic Academic Units (SAU) of the NRNU MEPhI]. Available at:  https://mephi.ru/about/cae/index.php/ (in Russian)

[6] Atlas novykh professij [Atlas of New Professions]. Available at: http://atlas100.ru/catalog/?otrasl=all  (in Russian)

[7] LEAN. Berezhlivoe proizvodstvo: Prakticheskoe rukovodstvo po vnedreniyu [LEAN. Lean Production: A Practical Guide to Implementation]. Available at: http://www.up-pro.ru/shop/lean.html (in Russian)

[8] Golovko M.V., Rudenko V.A. Korporativnye cennosti v sisteme ustojchivogo razvitiya i bezopasnosti ekonomiki promyshlennyh predpriyatij (na primere GK «Rosatom») [Corporate Values in the System of Sustainable Development and Security of the Economy of Industrial Enterprises (using the example of Rosatom SC)]. Globalnaya yadernaya bezopasnost [Global nuclear safety], 2015, №4(17), pp. 103–114. (in Russian)

[9] Uxalina I.A., Efimenko N.A., Agapova S.P. Klyuchevye pokazateli effektivnosti kak instrument ekonomicheskoj bezopasnosti predpriyatij GK «Rosatom» [Key Performance Indicators as a Tool for Economic Security of Rosatom State Corporation]. Globalnaya yadernaya bezopasnost [Global nuclear safety], 2017, №1(22), pp. 102–112. (in Russian)

[10] Rudenko V.A., Agapova S.P., Tomilin S.A., Uxalina I.A., Cuverkalova O.F., Golovko M.V., Efimenko N.A. Faktory i vektor strategicheskogo razvitiya vuza v kontekste realizacii innovacionnogo potenciala regiona [Factors and Vector of Strategic Development of the University in the Context of Realizing the Innovative Potential of the Region]. Sovremennoe obrazovanie [Modern Education], 2017, №1, pp. 19–31. DOI: 10.7256/2409-8736.2017.1.22513 (in Russian)

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